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25 Aug 2016
Attacker Marlos Moreno addressed the media on Wednesday after the training session; he explained his preferred position and how it was his adaptation to Deportivo.

Marlos Moreno talked after Wednesday’s training session, he was explaining his first days with the team, “I felt fine, serene. I believe we transmitted what we worked during the week and we achieved the goal, which was to add the victory. You can feel the good vide inside the changing room. We are trying to add and be at the same pace than the rest.”

The Colombian admitted that he may not be ready to debut against Betis, “We will know with the passage of the days and weeks. They have been training for months, while I am only doing it for some days. Obviously is complicated to be there, you logically, as a player, want to perform in all the games, but the coach is the one that should make decisions. My head might be saying that I am fine, but maybe my body isn’t ready.”

The striker has clear idea of his role at this Deportivo, “Since my arrival the team mates have been great. My references were that they always try to play with the ball and create space, and in that sense I can be helpful at the moment of opening the spaces. My strength is on-on-one plays and my speed could be fundamental at the moment of finding the space.”

He avoids the pressure that Manchester City FC will be following his career in Spain and that he must demonstrates things in la liga, “You are the one assuming the responsibility, maybe yes, maybe no. I believe it is within you, you should only try to do your best and avoid any pressure.”

The former Atlético Nacional man confessed that he prefers to assist rather than to fix a number of goals for the season, “For me the most important thing is to assist; obviously, if you can score goals, it will be welcome.”

Marlos confessed that he likes to perform as a left winger, “At Atlético Nacional I had the privilege to perform as a centre forward, playmaker and right winger, but I feel more comfortable on the left, as a left winger. I believe it is my strength.”

Finally, Moreno said that he doesn’t feel the need to make a full pre-season in order to adapt to European football, “Independently the team you arrive, you will always find competence. The important thing now is to be fit in order to compete and have minutes. I don’t need a full pre-season, I only rested fifteen days, so I don’t need too much in order to adapt. “ 




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