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26 Aug 2016
Both coaches are pending to not lose their top striker, Deporís coach is sure that his team will compete the same no matter who plays, while Betisí boss is surprised after the criticism of the first matchday.

Gaizka Garitano talked to reporters for ten minutes after Thursdayís training, he spent more time trying to explain what happening with Lucas and Sidnei than of the game in Andalusia. He is aware that both men are at the door out, but heís optimistic about the future of the team in la liga. The following is a summary of the main things said by Deporís coach:

Lucas & Sidnei: They have been training in the usual way. Five days are pending in the market and you will have to ask them how they are [mentally]. They have a great attitude and are ready to play tomorrow. Their situation doesnít depend on me, if they are here the better for us, and if they arenít here, then life goes on and Depor will continue like it has continued for so many years. If nothing weird occurs, tomorrow Lucas and Sidnei will play against Betis and defending the shirt of Deportivo.Ē

ďDepor have a large history, great fans and survived many things for years. Things will move forward if they arenít here. Depor is a big club at Primera Divisiůn and will continue to be like that without any doubt. They are here for now. We want all the players that we have, we donít want more signings.  They are important, but if they donít stay, I will continue working with the same will. We wonít retire from the competition. If they donít stay, then we will continue working with the ones staying here. If a player leaves, what can I do if they pay the clause? I am only thinking of Betis. Nobody said this was going to be easy. All week long I have been watching Betisí videos and preparing the trainings. Even if we lose fifteen players we must continue working. Life always put you obstacles and what you must do is to surpass them. If someone leaves, we will surpass it, donít worry.Ē

20 players in the roster: The twenty players are ready to perform tomorrow. I am only thinking of the game. Being so close to the deadline, and with the ongoing rumours, we need to travel with more people, just in case. There are rumours that some players might leave and any coach needs to be prepared, if something happens today and tomorrow then we need to be prepared in order to face an important game. We are pending to see if something happens or not, thatís why we travel with twenty players.Ē

Betis: Itís a complicate game, but we are hopeful. We are traveling there in order to win. We want to add the second straight win and want to play a good game. Betis had the bad luck to play the first game against Barcelona, so their league starts now. Almost everybody will end losing with a big score against Barcelona, so the result isnít a reference. We will meet a good team that has made good signings. They are enraged to win, but will meet an enraged team that wants to add back-to-back wins. We are only thinking of Betis. Betis, Betis and Betis.Ē

Gustavo Poyet is also a new coach at his team. He debuted last week with a 2-6 loss with Barcelona FC and showed his surprised for the criticism towards the team. The following is a summary of the main things said by Betisí coach during his press conference:

Home debut: "It will be a very special day for many people, also for me, because I already commented that one of the reasons to sign for this club was, without doubt, to be alongside these fans. I am confident that no anxiety will show up, only the good desire."

Criticism: "I'm surprised to see this tension in the second game of the season. Iím surprised with what has been said. The city and the Andalusian family havenít changed the chip from last season. We are more concerned about what happened than of what is going to happen. I would ask them to be more relaxed, to judge a coaching staff and a team after a period of time. It isnít good to have so much stress on the second day of the season; itís not the final of the World Cup. We need time to do what we want to do."

The game: ďI have a clear idea of how we are going to play, but it will also depends on what Deportivo can do. What I can tell you is that we are prepared to do a lot of things that werenít done against Barcelona, mainly because it was Barcelona.Ē

Rubťn Castro: "My opinion hasnít changed since we played against Sporting Lisbon. At no time we have thought that he could leave, but I cannot control anything while the transfer window is still open. I want him to stay, no doubt about it. But until August 31 we will be praying that no one comes with the money. " 




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