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07 Sep 2016
Sidnei conceded a press conference after Tuesday’s training session; he talked of the interest of Valencia CF and what he expects on the new season.

Sidnei Rechel talked to reporters after Tuesday’s training; he was assuring that he is happy at Deportivo and that he will only leave in case of a convincing offer for him and the club, “I had some things to leave, but as I always said, I am happy to continue here. For me it is very good and I’m glad to stay.  If someday I have to leave it should be a good thing for the club and also for me. So, my head is only on here.”

Later, he commented about the interest of Valencia CF on him during the summer window, “Some things are passing through the club and some persons close to me. I am only worried of playing and am content in playing on here. The true is that, when you are content in a place, you aren’t too worried about it. I am happy in this city and, as I said before, if someday there’s something good for me and the club then it can take place.”

He also admitted that Valencia CF insisted in his signing after Depor matched their offer in the last days of the market, “Yes, but the club and I were always in contact and Depor always demonstrated the will to see me staying, and I already said that I was fine on here.”

The defender also commented on the renewal talks with the club, “It’s an issue we have been talking for a while, and we are talking in order to close the agreement. My intention is to stay and continue doing the work that I do. The club always knew that I was calm and willing to stay. Right now I have this and one more year in my contract. Surely on this week everything will be ready.”

The Brazilian also confirmed that he’s about to obtain the EU passport, “I knew it was approved, but don’t know when the papers will be ready.” He also confirmed that he’s available to play on Sunday after skipping the training session, “It was only for precaution, nothing special.”

He was asked about the fact that Depor are investing a lot of money on him, “It’s a subject that makes me happy. It’s something that gives me more strength to continue. This is my third season on here and I am growing up as a player, so what I want is to continue working and growing.”

Asked about the exit of Lucas Pérez, he commented that, “Lucas is a great player. He gave us a lot, but we have other good player that can bring the same quality to the team. We have enough quality players to make the job. Depor have signed great players and surely we are going to make a great season.”

Finally, Sidnei was talking of Athletic Bilbao, “It’s a very strong team; we all know them. We know it’s a complicate team and we need to be strong in order to conquer the goal, which is the victory. I believe the team must improve each day, for now we have achieved good results and must continue working.” 




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