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14 Sep 2016
Deportivo announced on Monday that Joselu suffered a grade III knee sprain, therefore he won’t play until December. He won’t need surgery and for now his knee has been immobilized. Depor could sign a replacement.

The last signing of Depor, Joselu Mato, only lasted twenty minutes on the pitch after twisting his knee in a polemic play with Athletic’s midfielder Raúl García. It was feared that the injury was going to be important and the scans made on Monday confirmed it.

The scans confirmed that Joselu suffered a grade III knee sprain on his right leg. A knee sprain is an injury of the ligaments, tough bands of fibrous tissue that connect the bones of the upper and lower leg at the knee joint. According to the severity it is classified in three degrees, the third degree is the most severe one and is the case of Depor’s striker.

A grade III sprain means that the ligament is torn completely or separated at its end from the bone, and the knee is more unstable. The ligament in this case is the Lateral collateral ligament (LCL). The Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) wasn’t affected and therefore the player won’t need surgery.

For this reason, the knee has been immobilized and the player will begin a recovery process that will last depending on the cicatrisation of the bound. In the best of cases he will be out for six weeks, then he will need to gain fitness and therefore he will probably return to play until December.

Now the club is open to make a signing. Since the market is closed, and with Deportivo having three available spots, the only option is a free agent. President Tino Fernández admitted it during an act celebrating the 110 years of the club, “We are working in order to close a signing for Depor. It is a possibility, but we won’t sign jut for the pleasure of signing. There’s margin for it.”



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