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15 Sep 2016
Striker Joselu talked of his situation after the injury sustained against Athletic Club; he doesn’t want to fix a deadline for his return but affirms that he remains hopeful for joining Depor.

Joselu talked to reporters after Thursday’s training. He arrived to the press room using crutches and commented his situation for the coming weeks, “It is a sprain and we need to be careful. I must have an immobilized knee, because we need to have a better cicatrisation in the ligament, and with the physiotherapists we will try, after the immobilization, to move it a little bit, and since then to make recovery work.”

He is feeling relieved as he thought the injury was going to be something more serious, “The true is that we were expecting for something else, since the first moment I was expecting for something more serious, but thankfully I am content. It is serious, but with a good recovery I will be fine soon. I will try to make anything possible to be available soon. I am hopeful for been here and now it’s time to work hard. I still hopeful.”

The attacker said that he talked to Raúl García and that there are no hard feelings, “These are things that happen in football, I had the knee on the ground and it happened. You cannot fix these things. I talked to him and there’s no problem. I am just hopeful to be recovered as soon as possible and help the team.”

He was feeling strengthened for the support coming from Depor’s fans, “Especially from the great fans of Deportivo, I received a lot of support in social media. I am content in that regard and hope to return soon in order to reward the fans for the bump we are having.”

The Galician attacker doesn’t want to think of deadlines for his return, “I am not thinking of deadlines, right now I only want to recover. I want to move forward. There’s no problem if I am making solo training sessions, because the team mates will be supporting me in the changing room and surely won’t be bored.”

There was a question regarding the possibility of making a signing to replace him, he only commented that, “Those are things that have nothing to do with me. Those are things of the club. It has nothing to do with me and neither with my playing style.”

Finally, Joselu talked of Depor’s season, “I saw a solid team the other day, one that wants to play football. I think that Athletic Bilbao didn’t deserve to pick up the three points. They had a chance and we had our opportunities, these things happen in football, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. We play good football and surely will bring joy to the fans.”



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