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16 Sep 2016
Ryan Babel completed the medicals on Thursday and signed a three-month contract that could be extended. He says to be fit, but admitted to lack match fitness.

The last signing of Deportivo is Ryan Babel, the 29-year-old attacker completed the medicals on Thursday and signed a contract lasting until December 31; the deal could be extended depending of circumstances that the club didnít reveal.

The Dutchman addressed the media after the medicals and said that he didnít think twice when this opportunity knocked at his door, ďFirst to all, I am very excited. For me, basically, it is a dream come true to be able to play in the Spanish league. And Iím grateful because Deportivo gave me the chance. I have been following the Spanish league for some years and with England it is one of the best leagues and itís always pleasant to meet with players with a history. I am hopeful. I was introduced to Deportivo a long time ago when Roy Makaay played here and I think Deportivo has had an impact outside of Spain.Ē

A concern is the fitness of the player as he signed a short-term contract, but he believes heís ready and only missing match fitness, ďI feel fine. I am fit. I donít have match fitness, because unfortunately I didnít play in my last team, but again Iím ready. I am fit. I should be ready in the next weeks.Ē

Then he said that the experience should help him to surpass the problem of not making the pre-season with the team, ďIím experienced enough, itís always difficult for any player if you donít have a proper pre-season, but again, with my experience, I know I can do it.Ē

Asked about his experience in the Arabian Gulf League, the player commented that, ďI had positive things and negative things. Fist to all thereís a good level there, good stadiums and pitches. I was very impressed for how good the players are over there, but the foreign players are treated differently, and I was in a team fighting for the title, and since we failed all the foreign players were kicked out.Ē

Then he explained how he was contacted by Deportivo, ďMy agent had the first contacts a few days ago and I didnít think too much about it, because it is a great opportunity. So, a few days later I am here before you guys.Ē

Finally, Babel explained that he can perform as a centre forward, ďThe funny thing is that I, actually, grew up as a striker, but because of circumstances, early in my career, the coaches put me in the left wing and because I did pretty well I stated playing there. But I always was ambitious to perform as a striker and I see this as a great opportunity to prove myself.Ē



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