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29 Sep 2016
New arrival Ryan Babel is having problems with his adaptation to Depor, but he’s feeling fine after having minutes in two games. He’s convinced that the team needs to train hard and translate the practices to the games.

Ryan Babel conceded a press conference on Wednesday; he started talking of his adaptation to Deportivo, “Off course it’s very new. It’s like any other time when you join a new team. You need to get use to the new area, a new club and new players. Off course a different language, but I’m doing fine.”

He also admitted that he isn’t 100% fit to play and also that he has no time due to his short contract, “Off course it’s much better than when I started. But realistically I am not 100% yet, but I do realize that I have no time to get to my 100%. So, the minutes I can get, I have to try to be smart and use my experience. “

The Dutchman admitted that he was surprised for having minutes in his first presence in the roster, “At first I was surprised, because I thought I was going to get another week, but again, it was a good feeling to be involved earlier. “

“Off course it stills the beginning of the league. The club had to, unfortunately, deal with the injuries of some players. In the end I had to join the club and meet the players and the players had to know me, but at the same time the league started. We have to try to adapt as quick as possible.” He added.

Babel admitted that he has had some problems due to the language, “Off course it’s a little bit annoying, but I had one year of Spanish in school when I was younger, so sometimes in conversations I get some things, I understand what they are talking about.”

About the way to fix the lack of goals, he commented that, “I think that we need to train hard with the partners, doing a bit of offensive exercises and get to know each one’s qualities and later try to execute it in the games.”

Finally, Babel talked of the upcoming game with Sporting, “The players are aware that this game is important to turn around our confidence. Off course it’s clear that, after a tough week, this is an important match for us. We have a good week to prepare and I’m sure that all the players are aware that the game is important for our confidence.”



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