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07 Oct 2016
Sidnei talked to reporters after Thursday’s training; he doesn’t seems worried for signing the new contract. He is happy for the break in the competition and anticipates a tough game with Barcelona.

Sidnei Rechel conceded a press conference on Thursday and after the training session. He was asked several times about the status of his new contract after Depor completed his final transfer, but the defender only said that, “It’s a subject that the president and the club’s direction can explain to you. I, the true, only train and that’s it. It’s a subject managed by other people. We have things advanced and are in continuous contact with the club in order to reach an agreement.”

Then the Brazilian man analyzed the break in la liga, “It’s good to have a break, later we are coming from a victory and therefore we are content. We need to work and rest on this week, so in the next one we can be 100% ready. “

Then a journalist asked about his physical condition after been forced to stop for three weeks due to a muscle problem, “The true is that we made a good job during last week and I managed to reach the game without issues. Later I was feeling fine. We are doing a great job, this is the right path and we must continue like this in order to reach our goal.”

Another subject under the radar is the paperwork to obtain a Spanish passport and he explained that, “I will like to have the papers settled already, but it doesn’t depend on me. I can only wait and hope to have the papers ready. I think that the papers will be ready until January, but I am not sure.”

The centre-back also talked of the next rival, FC Barcelona, “To play a game like this, against Barca… surely you feel more encouraged of facing Barca after winning. It’s good to have won as it was important to us. We are sure that it will give us strength in order to add three points.”

“All the teams are complicated. In this league there are quality teams and Barca surely have the best players, so surely we will have a lot of work during the match. But we are working in order to make a good game.” He added.

There was a question about the idea that he’s now the reference of Depor after the exit of Lucas Pérez, and he commented that, “I only think of working and help Deportivo. Later if I can have that status, good. But I am only thinking of helping and achieve the goals.”

Finally, Sidnei was analyzing the idea that Depor represent a strong defence that concedes too many easy goals, “The other teams also have skills and it happened that they seize the opportunities that they were having.”



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