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08 Oct 2016
Winger Bruno Gama wants to score goals and noticed a bump after his injury, but he said that he’s starting to feel better and wants to continue enjoying of opportunities.

Bruno Gama conceded a press conference after Friday’s training, he was explaining his condition after the injury, “I’m fine from the injury, and it already passed. The injuries are never good and I need to be in a better shape. I try to work each day in order to be at the top each weekend.”

“Surely I’m improving day by day. You can always improve and that’s why I work. Now I am trying to be better. The injuries aren’t good and, at the beginning of the season, just when you are trying to be at your best, it is when it affects you the most.” He added.

The winger was asked about the contribution that he brings in defence and if he feels tired with a double role,
“I try to work in order to help the team. It’s the most important thing for me. I try to bring things in defence and offense, off course I like the most to do it in offense, but I try to do my best in every game.”

He is conscious that he hasn’t been at the top of his skills and wants to gain confidence as soon as possible, “Off course there are things that bring more confidence, and one of them is to score goals. Also, to make plays, things that the attackers like to do.”

Asked about the differences that he met after his return to Depor and Spanish football, Bruno commented that, “There aren’t many differences. The coach and the group work at the top. The trainings also help us to feel better each day. We work with the ball and we are content. I didn’t notice changes at Deportivo and neither in Spanish football, you always find combined plays and football with the output of the ball coming from behind.”

The Portuguese player also showed his satisfaction after been a starter in five of the seven games plated so far, “Any player wants to have this confidence. We like to play games, but we need to continue working in order to have more chances.”

About the upcoming game with FC Barcelona, the comment was, “It’s a difficult game, clearly they can win, but we are traveling there trying to get a good result. We need to work hard and be smart, always helping each other. Barca can draw or lose a game, but later they always are dangerous.”

Finally, Gama talked of the fact of been switching between the left and the right wing, “I like both positions, at the left I can attempt to shot moving the ball with the left first, also and move myself into the centre. At the right I attempt more crosses, but I played at both positons before, so I don’t have any problem.”



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