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13 Oct 2016
German Lux believes that he is better compared to last season and previews the visit to FC Barcelona; he expects that Messi will play and at the same time sees with good eyes a draw at the Camp Nou.

German Lux conceded a press conference after Wednesday’s training; he doesn’t think that the last two draws conquering visiting FC Barcelona are going to influence in this new meeting, “In the last two visits we got two draws, one meant the permanence at Primera. But we are aware of the difficulty of playing on these fields. Still we are hopeful and have a responsibility and compromise in order to make a good game. “

“What we need to do is to remember those draws and not give too much importance to it. This is a new game and we must remember that we are coming in an ascending line. We need to make a serious game and have order in defence, something that characterizes us and later we must try to make a good game in offense. We have recovered players like Carles [Gil]. Everyone is available for the coach, with the exception of Joselu, and we need to improve.” He added.

The keeper said that it isn’t motivating to know the problems that the Catalans are living with the injuries and the previous results, “It isn’t motivating, we need to be intense. They have a large part of the squad at the national team. As you say they have some players out, but it’s Barcelona and if Messi isn’t available then others will do it. They have a great team with great players. We cannot stop to think of their casualties.”

Then the Argentine man talked of his current physical state and also said that a draw at the Camp Nou is a good result, “I am fine. We made a very good pre-season. I’m better compared to last year, so I am content and must continue working. We should try to add. Who wouldn’t sign a draw at the Camp Nou? You know the answer. We won’t lie, a draw would be wonderful. But we have to play on Saturday and we will talk on Sunday.”

Finally, German Lux assured that he is expecting and also wanting to face Lionel Messi, “In a personal level, I prefer to play against the best ones, it’s something fantastic that football five to you. In a personal level I prefer to see him playing.”



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