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22 Oct 2016
Peaceful environment before the derby, both clubs have tried to keep a healthy scenario and the attention is more focused in what’s surrounding RC Celta as the club from Vigo is about to be sold.

Deportivo and RC Celta are trying to keep a cold environment ahead of the first derby of the season. At the beginningof the week both clubs, with the sponsoring of ABANCA, launched a campaign to promote the Galician derby with the slogan  “Imposible Sen Ti” (impossible without you), this in order to present the game as a friendly rivalry, though it didn’t avoid the anti-violence committee naming the match as a “high-risk” clash.

There’s also a cold environment for two reasons related to RC Celta, the first is that the club is about to be sold to a Chinese investing group and the attention is more focused in what will happen in the near future, and the second reason is Thursday’s Europa League clash with AFC Ajax; actually the players of Celta have barely talked of the derby as they started to prepare the clash until Friday.

The following is the summary of the main things said at both clubs during this week:


Gaizka Garitano: “When you arrive to A Coruña you realize that it is one of the most important games in the year, if not the most important one. There are more than three points at stake, there’s a rivalry and it’s pretty to have a healthy rivalry. The derby is a pretty game, I never lived it on a field and I want it.”

Celso Borges: “It is a very special game, it’s a pride and an honor to play it. Celta is a team that plays really well, with a base that has been there for a while. We hope to counteract it, make a good game been faithful to our philosophy. The goal that I scored last season was great. It was one of the most beautiful things that I have lived, but to win the game would be prettier.”

Pedro Mosquera: “We live this situation a couple of times each year and I’m enchanted. It’s a very pretty game that we all like to play. You never know what could happen. Last year we got something from both games and this time I am hoping to pick up the three points. I see they are fine, playing good football and maybe are missing the effectiveness of Nolito. Maybe they are missing that, but surely will get it at some point on the season.”

Juanfran Moreno: “This is the game you are expecting during the whole year. It is one of the games that you like to play when you start in this profession. We are hopeful about getting the three points. This is the game you want to win despite you weren’t born here. Since the first day all I want is to win this game, it is the only thing I want: to win this game. These are only three points, but for us it is three points and the pride. I don’t think there are favourites. Both sides have enough arguments and the side using their arguments in a better way will succeed. We need to add points and it’s important to continue adding. We aren’t in a critical situation, but neither is optimum. “

Sidnei Rechel: “To defeat Celta it brings a special joy, because it is the derby. We know they are a great team, with great players… We aren’t thinking if they will be tired for the European match. We only think of our game on Sunday and of winning, especially after coming from a defeat. We have played good games there, as example two years ago, we lost but we deserved a lot more. I hope this time we will pick the three points.”

Tino Fernández:  “We are preparing the game eagerly and thinking of winning, we want the first victory on the road. I believe the team is fine, solid and ordered. The team is training and the game with Barcelona is always different.  The victories will come as the players are training at the top. The players are plugged and hoping to play the game. The rivalry is high, but it will stay on the pitch. We want to live a party and have the chance to travel to Vigo in peace. I always try to travel to Vigo in order to watch Depor, I even met my wife there in 1994, though it was only a 0-0. I was there for the 0-3 and the 0-5. I hope to have a better memory on this year.”

Fernando Navarro: “Despite been three more points, we know of the importance of a derby. People care of the result and we are conscious that we are playing an important game. There isn’t a favourite, it is a different game and it doesn’t matter how both teams arrive. It would be morally important to us to get the victory, it would bring confidence. This is like the Andalusian derby and what I like is that there’s friendship and only a few incidents. There’s rivalry, but always having in mind that this is a football match.”


Eduardo Berizzo: “The atmosphere of the derby has changed within the last years, because before there was aggressiveness and a rivalry that wasn’t well understood. I think it would be impossible to me to understand if fifteen years ago they tell me that we were going to live the derby with this friendship. Before there was violence and we have matured, there are better relations between the boards, fans and teams.”

Sergio Álvarez: "This rivalry has to exist and if not then it wouldn’t be good for Galicia. But the rivalry has to be healthy, so we can all go to the field with our children or nephews and each with their shirts. In the end one of the sides will be happier than the other one, but we can enjoy of these healthy confrontations.”

Iago Aspas: “It’s one more game. We are coming after losing and hope for a victory. We are the favourites, because we are playing a European competition and because we are coming after making a brilliant season, also because we are ahead at the standings. But sometimes Europe can be deceiving, the team is working at the top and despite having less time to prepare the game it isn’t an excuse.” 




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