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27 Oct 2016
Flat start for Bruno Gama in la liga, the numbers of the Portuguese winger are poor and are one of the reasons why Depor are the worst offensive lines in la liga.

It hasn’t been a good start of season for Bruno Gama. The return of the right winger brought hope as the fans remembered him for his past stage at the club as a player able to unbalance any game, but on this season he has barely been a factor in his seven league appearances.

Garitano has used him in different positons, on three opportunities he played on the right wing, in other three he played on the left and once he was a playmaker. And his numbers have been mediocre, as example the number of dribbles. He attempted eleven dribbles so far and only succeeded in two opportunities.

His shot accuracy has also been poor. He attempted ten shots, four were blocked, four missed the goal and only two met the target (shot accuracy of 33%).  Gama’s pass accuracy is the seventh highest at the team (78%) and already completed seven passes that crated a chance to score, but none of those plays ended in a goal.

The Portuguese was also remembered for his depth and his crosses, and once again the numbers on the season are poor. In seven games he has attempted fifteen crosses and only four met the target, this mean an accuracy of 21%, a poor number in a team that has big problems to score goals.

On Wednesday, Bruno conceded a press conference and he was questioned about his low performance during the season, and he only commented that, “I work daily in order to improve, to be better. I will continue to do it. I work in order to improve. The season is long and we must try to be better in each game.”

Questioned if the injury sustained during the pre-season has been the factor that affected his performance, he answered that, “I don’t know. The injuries aren’t good, I don’t know if I am the same one. I just work in order to reach the next game in a better condition.”

About the collective work of the team, the Portuguese man said that, “We had good games, in other ones we weren’t so good. We could have done better and have allowed too many goals. We need to change this and win more games. We try to be calm and later give everything in the next game.”



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