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28 Oct 2016
Andone talked to the media and admitted his unhappiness for not scoring goals, but also said that the lack of goal at Depor is a matter of streaks that will be fixed.

Florin Andone conceded a press conference on Thursday; he was talking of the state of the squad after losing the derby, “We remain screwed for the result, also screwed for the situation in which we are, but we remain optimistic. We are trying to learn and face Monday’s game as soon as possible in order to win.”

About his physical condition, he explained that he is fine after only completing the first part of the last two training sessions, “I am fine. I am having a little issue on the adductor muscle. We decided to be most careful in order to be fine for Monday. I am taking care of myself; it isn’t a difficult condition and surely will be available for the coach.”

The striker was saying that beyond been a problem of not creating chances, the lack of goals is a matter of streaks, “I believe it is a matter of streaks, because football is unpredictable. In any game you can end up scoring twice in weird situations. A thousand things can happen, a corner-kick, a rebound… it is a matter of streaks and currently ours is negative, surely we will turn out the things, it is a matter of time, a lot of games remain to be disputed and I believe we will move forward scoring a lot of goals.”

About the fact he hasn’t scored yet, he admitted that he is worried, but also that he is also very demanding with himself, “I am one of those who end up thinking a lot about it, because I think a lot now that I don’t score, but also last season when I scored eighteen goals. I am a person that isn’t always content with what I do and I am not happy with my contribution, because the strikers are judged by the goals. I was scoring a lot of goals at Córdoba and always wanted more. It is a matter of having a winning mentality and not been conform to what you have, logically now I am not content with my contribution to the team, but surely I’ll improve. “

“I try to work each weekend in order to score goals, but there are days in which things work out, in others don’t. The true is that I am passing through a moment in which I am not lucky scoring goals. I will try to change the mentality, starting each weekend from zero as you start to count the games, eight, seven or nine without scoring. Maybe I need to change my mentality and to think this is the first matchday. In any case I feel fortunate to be playing as a starter at Primera División. This is a privileged position and if I am here now it is because I did things right in the past, and I can do it again.” He added.

The Romanian also asked for the support of the fans as Deportivo return to the Riazor after a month, “We want to feel again the support of the fans; we want to give our best. We are living a bad moment and want to feel the support of the fans, they feel the colours and that’s what they are here with us.”

Finally, Andone was saying that the only guilty ones for the current situation are the players, “The coach is trying to bring all the good things that he can give, but later in the field you are the one fighting. The coach cannot be blamed, the ones to blame are the players. When we win the coach isn’t better or worse, it is the same. The players are the ones to blame.  People talk badly because we are currently in bad shape, for me the players are responsible, because it is us who play and miss the passes. The coach is always there to help; we need to translate it into the field.”



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