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28 Oct 2016
Marlos Moreno conceded an interview to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa; the Colombian striker believes that Depor deserved more from the derby and said that the adaptation process to European football has been hard to him.

Q: Does it still hurt what happened in Vigo?
A: We deserved more, but unfortunately football is not a matter of deserving. The defeat has left us very sad, but we must try to lift the head. It was a very important game for us, but we must assume it in the best way.

Q: Did you know the importance of the match despite being a newcomer?
A: Obviously, I knew it was a very important game for both, the club and for us. It was a derby and the derbies arenít to lose, they are to win. We went with the positive mindset that we were going to do things right, but as I said before, football is not a matter of deserving and unfortunately we lost.

Q: Did you have a special therapy at the changing room to overcome the blow?
A: No, we're very quiet. The coach always tells us to try to raise the head whenever there is a difficulty and prepare for what's coming.

Q: Do you face the game against Valencia as a final?
A: Not at all. Itís a normal week. The coach has always had a clear goal, we want to add regardless of what happens.

Q: You come from a championship team in which you shined individually, are you now living the other side of football?
A: The true is that yes. It is complicated, because we were winning with Nacional a very important trophy for our country and also for the club, but I think here things change a lot. I have only spent two months on here, it is a matter of raising the head and assume quickly what the coach wants to bring to the team.

Q: Have you assimilated your new reality?
A: Personally, every time I step into the pitch, I feel a little better. Whether the results are arriving or not we want to keep adding. That will be the most important thing, to have a positive mindset to do things right.

Q: You arrived and had to make a particular pre-season, you enjoyed minutes and now had less chances, does it affect you this instability?
A: It's normal, you train, but itís no secret that the pace is achieved in matches. I think it's costing me more than others for this, but itís understandable, because I just arrived and I shouldnít get impatient.

Q: Do you think that you keep the joy in the game transmitted in Colombia?
A: The joy I have will never be lost, I will retire the day I lose the joy of playing football. I'm young, I am 20 and a long future ahead, but mistakes hereafter are to mature and learn fast. I think the spark has always been there. I have shown attitude in the matches in which I have played, which is essential in a player.

Q: Was it hard to adapt of what you imagined?
A: When you arrive to anywhere you always try to adapt quickly. When you get to a new school you always have more difficulties, but when time passes you make friends, you bring friends to your house, you eat with them, go out with them... It's similar to that.

Q: Whatís transmitted by Gaizka Garitano?
A: He passes me a lot of security and what I can bring to the group. This generates in me a lot of confidence. Iím gradually gaining the competitive level, which is fundamental to finish the adaptation quickly.

Q: Did you feel upset when the coach lamented that offensively you cannot be compared with Celta?
A; No. Regardless of who enters the pitch you will try to do your best. He will not put anyone to do it badly. Offensively we had chances to score, we had a lot of possession in their field and deserved more.

Q: What do you lack in attack?
A: The team has come from less to more, it is what I have seen. We have played many games in a good level. In previous games we lost undeservedly, because we were far superior, for example against Athletic we didnít deserve to lose, but we should not look back, we have to take what it comes now and be a little more daring, have more peace of mind at the moment defining, which is where we are having more difficulties.




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