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29 Oct 2016
Coach Garitano admitted that Emre «olak wasnít picked for the derby due to a disciplinary issue, though he didnít want to explain exactly what happened. Apparently, the player already apologized.

There were many doubts in the minutes before the derby with RC Celta as Emre «olak wasnít part of the meeting, neither of the starting lineup nor the bench. It was strange to see him out just days after the club named him as the best player in September. Coach Gaizka Garitano was criticized for this decision and after the game ended he explained that it was a ďtactical decisionĒ.

However, starting on Monday there were rumours that there was something more. Radio Cadena Cope reported that the Turkish man didnít give his best effort in the last training before the game and that it was the reason why he was left out.

On Thursday, Radio Cadena Ser presented a slightly different version. Journalist Fran Merida reported that Garitano decided to leave «olak out of the starting lineup, and that when the player was informed about it, he didnít like it and had a disproportionate reaction, which lead the coach to leave the player out of the bench too.

On Thursday, Garitano was interviewed by Radio Cadena Ser and he admitted the situation, though without giving further details, "You all know that it wasnít a tactical decision, so I wonder why you ask me. I treat the players the same, in order to be picked at Deportivo you need to fulfil a series of requirements, at least since Iím here, and if you donít fulfil it then you arenít picked. With another coach he neither would have been picked. It isnít a decision of the coach in this case, the club knows about it, the squad too and if anyone wants to know more then it isnít a responsibility of the coach. Itís not me who have to defend me, if someone wants to defend me then itís fine, and if not then I assume the responsibility ".

Journalist Fran Merida also reported that the player already apologised for his reaction and that, for now, things seem to be fine again. Garitano also told to Radio Cadena Ser that things are fine inside the changing room, ďEverything is fine, nothing to do with what we found when we arrived four months ago.Ē

The players also addressed the case with «olak. Captain Laure said at Marca that, ďWe are 26 players, we train to death in order to play and be picked for the game. The coach decides and has his motives. You need to administrate a group of professionals. The coach decides and we must do our job training. Still, donít see a problem. I see that «olak is involved and is fine.Ē

Juanfran Moreno addressed the issue on Friday, ďIn the end the coach is the one exposed for the good of the team, this is something we must appreciate. Itís not a popular decision, because «olak was in a good level, but for internal issues he made that decision. This is too long and we cannot allow losing control of the situation as it happened on last season. Now he seems to be a bad partner, but not. I believe that all the players, starting with me, make mistakes throughout the year. We had bad days, because we are persons and wonít always be nice.Ē



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