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04 Dec 2006
It was possible to hear everything after the game with Racing. Depor's players were frustrated but they wanted to transmit a sensation of calmness to the fans. Meanwhile, coach Caparr??s affirmed that the objective for this season is to avoid the relegation. President Lendoiro also wanted to transmit a message of serenity affirming that the squad needs time. Without doubt, the club doesn't want to transmit the sensation of being in the middle of a crisis.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s made a statement that called the attention of the papers, the Sevillan admitted that the only objective for the season is to avoid the relegation: "Our goal is to be playing against Real Madrid in the next year. That's the reality. The squad that we have built possesses an interesting future, and these players will grow for the next year. We need the help of everybody, of all the people in Deportivo."

The Utrera-born coach also wanted to transmit tranquility to his players, he said that the team needs to achieve enough points in order to maintain the spot in Primera, a fact that must be done quickly in order to avoid hurries: "This is a year in which we have to fill the bag of points as soon as possible, in this way the people will have time to mature and grow up. If we continue working in the same way, I am sure that at the end we will fill that bag."

Caparr??s also gave his opinion about Depor's negative mark of six games without achieving a victory: "You can live these things in the highest competition, and that affects a lot when you have an inexperienced group. Football has these things and we are in the middle of a phase that requires us to be realistic and have both foot on the ground. We will love to be in the same line of the last years, but these are different times and we have to tighten up things, because in other case it could be dangerous."

The first player that gave the face to the reporters was Joan Capdevila, the captain of the team said that the team made its best effort: "The squad has tried everything. We enjoyed of occasions to score, especially during the first half, but the fortune wasn't at our side. Racing demonstrated that is possible to defend a result with nine players; they put two lines of four men and that complicated things."

Capdevila didn't want to admit that the current situation is dramatic and preferred to talk about the next confrontation against Valencia: "The only solution left is to work harder during the week, and to travel to Valencia with the intention of wining the game. The three points against a big club will have more value than the previous occasions."

Albert Lopo also admitted that Depor failed to concrete the occasions during the first period: "We had our chances, especially in the first half, but we didn't take advantage of them and we paid the price at the end. The negative thing is that we only added one point, and now we have to keep on working in order to see the victory arriving."

?lvaro Arbeloa said that maybe the squad became too enthusiastic with the good start on this season: "Our hopes were bigger at the beginning of the season since our results were really good, maybe that situation confused us a little bit. This result is hurting us, it was a good chance to react, we are a young team and the important thing is to be learning and improving. We must have patience and tranquility."

Another person that wanted to transmit an image of tranquility was the president of the club, Augusto C?Šsar Lendoiro: "We can't fall into a pessimistic view because these players need time and I am sure that they will respond. This is a young squad and we can only complain about their lack of criteria." Reporters asked him about possible signings in January, but Lendoiro's response was: "Let's talk about the game, because we have enough with what has happened against Racing." This message appeared also in canaldeportivo.com, a sign that the club is trying to avoid the image of been in the middle of a crisis.

Lionel Scaloni was the most wanted player by the reporters, the ex-Depor captain said that his former squad concentrated its attack on the centre, and that fact helped Racing a lot: "We knew that if we were trying to tighten things during the second half, we could achieve the three points. It will be nice to know what would happen if we would end the game with eleven men. What I noticed in the second half and it was strange to me, is that they tried to attack by the centre, we were with nine players at that time. For that reason we didn't have to make a big effort. We did a good defence and the squad didn't have too much difficulties."

The best man in Racing was G??nzalo Colsa. The midfielder said that Depor didn't deserve a better result and had complaints about the work done by the referee: "They didn't deserve more, and we had to work harder because we suffered two expulsions. There is no right to sent off a player with the yellow card that was shown to Zigic. We already knew this referee (Fern??ndez Borbal??n). He affected us in a previous game in copa del rey, and he did the same on this occasion."

Meanwhile, the coach of Racing, Miguel ?ngel Portugal, expressed his satisfaction with his squad: "I leave this game happy with the sacrifice of the players. Even with nine men, we had the intention of searching for the victory. That's the class that this Racing possesses. When we lose a man, the other ones double their efforts. If you put two defensive lines composed of eight players, it's difficult to see a goal, because the rival doesn't find the spaces."

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