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29 Nov 2016
Both coaches are optimistic about the Copa Del Rey despite their teams aren’t having the expected performance in liga. Garitano confirmed that Joselu is going to have minutes.

Gaizka Garitano conceded an interview on Monday’s afternoon; he sees the Copa with a positive view despite the injury problems hitting his squad. He also confirmed that Joselu will have minutes. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The importance of the Copa: “The Copa could be good for us. It is a competition that we are starting from zero and it’s a difficult game that at the same time brings hope. We are facing the Copa as a pretty competition. We are wilful and are leaving the league apart until next Monday.”

Betis: “I see that they are fine. Against Las Palmas they made a good game and at Ipurúa, if it wasn’t by the fact that they ended with ten men they could have achieved a good result. They are fine and I believe it’s going to be tough.”

The spirit of the players: “Yes, to lose straight games at the last minute is something that damages the morale. The team is trying to leave it behind and compete at soon as possible and I’m happy with all of them. Despite the damage, the team is standing up and competes with hope, and I expect that we will see it tomorrow.”

Criticism over the coach: “I am fine. When things go wrong, surely, I am higher than ever before. But it’s logical that the coach is questioned when the results are bad and the situation at the standings isn’t the one that we were expecting.”

Óscar García: “I talk to him a lot. I watch all the games, either live or in video. When you promote a lad it is to see him having continuity. He is a great lad, but this is a decision of the club. We must respect that.”

Joselu: “Joselu is ready to play, maybe not for too many minutes or for been a starter, but we will use him if the game needs it.”

Víctor Sánchez conceded his press conference on Monday’s noon; he talked of his feelings for been facing Depor and previewed changes at the lineup though he didn’t give details. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Defeat in Eibar: “Obviously, when the next game is near, in this case the Copa, the time to prepare the meeting is shorter and you need to accelerate things. For us an adverse result like the defeat in Eibar means a great opportunity to see in which things we are failing, to detect them and work to fix the errors as soon as possible and that’s what we have done.”

Changes at the lineup: The first thing is to admit that the Copa is a very important competition to us and we are dedicating our attention to it. We understand that we have depth and are satisfied with the performance of all the players during the trainings. We already had two games and two different lineups, now we face a game in Copa and off course we can have changes, because people are working at the top and are screaming for an opportunity during the trainings. We have a large and competitive squad and it’s possible to have changes at the starting eleven.”

Change in the system: “We won’t provide that information as we don’t want to give clues to the rival about how we are going to play. We are satisfied with the performance of the team during the last couple of games.”

Roster for the game: We will release the list tomorrow. Right now everyone is fine physically. There’s a medical report with the players having issues and the ones that are available for tomorrow. Habitually… that has been the second roster for us.”

Goal for the game: The first goal tomorrow is to win the game and if it’s possible clinching a clean sheet.. The fact of not allowing goals at home is fundamental. The first goal is the victory and we must have in mind that in the returning leg we’ve to travel to the Riazor in order to work hard if we want to pass the round.”

Importance of the competition: “We are going to compete in all the games always having the same goal, which is to win. Both in liga and Copa, and if we do the right things then we will get a lot of points in liga and will go further in Copa. That’s the plan: Betis are going out in every game in order to win.”

Deportivo: “Obviously it is a different game for me. It’s special for the fact of been facing a team in which I had a story, as a player for many years and as a coach. It’s a situation that I’ve lived throughout my career. It’s always special because you keep the love for the teams where you have been, where you were loved, especially in my case and Deportivo La Coruña. I felt the love of the fans and partners. It’s special, but it’s part of world of emotions when you are working, and it’s sidelined because right now the only think in your head is to defend Real Betis Balompié.”

Environment at the club: “I can only tell you about what’s surrounding me. I see an environment in which you work, it’s spectacular, with joy and sacrifice. I also see an optimistic environment with all the coaches. I also see hope with the fans , at least the ones that approach me or in social media. There could be people that are more critical, upset, because they want to see their team winning and we want that too.”



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