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02 Dec 2016
The shareholders approved the financial reports of last season and a budget of €56 million for the present campaign. Tino Fernández announced a new website that will include articles in English.

No major problems for Tino Fernández in his third shareholders meeting as the president of the club. Despite the negative moment in liga what shone in the meeting were the good numbers in the economic sense, the club presented a record of €6.98 million in the benefit, while the budget is €56 million, which means an increase of 41% compared to the €39.76 million of the previous campaign.

1,303 shareholder were present at the starting the meeting and were representing the 27.48% of the club’s capital.  Tino Fernández started the meeting announcing that the debt was finally under the €100 million (€95.5 million) and through graphics presented a benefit of €6.98 million from last season, which meant an increase of 22.5%

The president commented that, “Deportivo need to generate enough flow to fulfil the obligations of the creditors’ agreement and we are having good results already. The results of the last period represent an historic record.” He also announced an increase in the attendance to the Riazor, “Talking of pride, I want to emphasize the one we feel for our fans, because the attendance to the Riazor was increased in 11.85%”

It called the attention what he said regarding the state of the academy, this despite the poor results, including the grey season of Depor B, “The investment that was made is starting to bring results, but we aren’t content yet. We passed from 25 to 50 coaches at the academy. When we arrived Fabril were 13th at Tercera División.”

Fernández was also showing his pride for the debut of the female team, “We are extremely proud of our female teams. It isn’t a vogue, because they arrived in order to stay. “ He was also proud of the transparency of the club, “This is the fourth more transparent club in Spain, this among the 42 clubs analyzed by the international organizations.”

Later Ricardo Calvete, one of the advisors of the president, announced that the budget for the season is €55,995,000 and explained with more details the financial reports of the club. Later the shareholders were able to speak and ask questions.

During the interventions of the shareholders, there were concerns about the future of the capital’s increase, while another shareholder criticized Cristobal Parrolo, the current coach of Depor B, because he said that the coach “doesn’t know the Galician football”.

There was some criticism over the president of la liga, Javier Tebas, this for the way he has treated the fans, e specially the Riazor Blues. Tino answered to these claims saying that there are good and bad things with la liga boss, “We aren’t affiliated to Tebas, there are things that he does well and others that I don’t agree. It will be good if you ask what Tebas’ role in the bankruptcy case was, also how many times he came here for this issue.”

Depor’s president also said that he’s aware of the complaints of the fans for the kick-off times, “It’s hard to me to understand what rating could we have in a match Alavés-Deportivo on a Monday’s night. The day we traveled to Vitoria we complained and it was hard, we asked to have in mind the time zone at the north of Spain.”

It also called the attention what Fernández said about the case with Óscar García, who was suspended last week for some declarations in the papers, “I didn’t see anything serious in what Pinchi told to Deporte Campeón, but the sporting direction saw it in another way. What I read were the complaints of a kid, who normally complain of everything.”

The president didn’t want to confirm if Garitano will continue as the coach of the first team in case of a defeat in the upcoming game with Real Sociedad, but neither denied the possibility, “There isn’t an ultimatum against Real [Sociedad]. I’m satisfied with the work done, but in football you live of the results.”

Finally, and before the voting took place, the president announced that the club is going to release the new website in December and the new design will include three languages: Spanish, English and Galician. So, for the first time the club is going to write articles in a different language than the official ones in Galicia.

The meeting ended after five fours (almost at 1AM) and with all the subjects in the agenda approved with 99% of the votes, which included the approval of the financial reports and the budget of the season 2016/17.



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