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05 Dec 2006
A strange situation seems to be happening inside of Deportivo. Some figures are affirming that the objective for the season should be the salvation, while others are pushing for bigger goals. Meanwhile, the Galician club is living one of its worst moment since the last promotion on the season 1991/1992.

The debate it's over the table. Some figures inside the club are starting to say that the objective for the present season should be avoiding the relegation, Fabricio Coloccini was the first one when he affirmed a couple of weeks ago, that "Depor should be trying to gain 42 points in order to secure its place in Primera". Sergio was the second one that appointed the salvation as the goal for the season. Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s was the last name added to this list, the Sevillan said after the draw with Racing: "Our goal is to be playing against Real Madrid in the next year. That's the reality."

But other players don't agree with this view, curiously, they are the youngest components in the squad or the players that arrived during the past summer. The first one that has been affirming that Depor must be fighting for a European spot is Dudu Aouate (he joined the club in August), the Israeli keeper has said it a lot of times, as he did prior to the game with Racing: "I know that we can be fighting for a European place, but we have to demonstrate it on the pitch., and we are going to do it."

Iago Iglesias, the only Galician in the squad and one of the youngest players in the group, also joined this view with his latest comments: "It's true that we must go step by step, and the first one is the salvation, but we shouldn't be looking too often to the relegation zone. We are Deportivo and this squad should be looking for better things: to secure a place in mid-table, and if we can, to be in a better position."

Juan Rodr?­guez, another one that arrived during the past summer market, thinks the same than Iago, the ex-M??laga midfielder affirmed that "the first step is to gain 42 or 45 points", but he also affirmed that Depor should be more ambitious: "We know that this team could be occupying a better position. I hope that this crisis will end soon and in this way, we will be breathing more peacefully. Now we have a negative mark, but later we could be talking of bigger achievements."

But the newest ones aren't alone, one of the captains in the squad, Manuel Pablo, has also affirmed that Depor has to search for bigger things: "To be saying that we are fighting for the salvation is like giving up too early." a statement that he made to newspaper La Opini??n. In any case, it seems that the opinions are divided inside of the Galician squad.

Depor accumulates six liga matches without a victory, this kind of situations have been a regular thing in the Galician club during the moments of transition. The last one occurred during the season 2004/2005, -the last one with Irureta- on that occasion the team spent seven liga matches without a win: 2-2 Vs. Real Sociedad, 2-2 Vs. Racing, 2-2 Vs. Sevilla, 0-1 Vs. Atl?©tico Madrid, 2-3 Vs. Zaragoza, 2-2 Vs. Mallorca and 1-1 Vs. Numancia.

The worst mark since the last promotion is eight matches without achieving a victory. A situation that has been repeated twice. Firstly during the returning campaign to Primera (1991/1992): 1-0 Vs. Real Madrid, 2-2 Vs. Logro?±es, 4-1 Vs. Barcelona, 3-0 Vs. Albacete, 2-2 Vs. Real Burgos, 4-2 Vs. Mallorca, 2-2 Vs. Espanyol and 1-1 Vs. Real Sociedad.

The other one was on the season 1996/1997: 1-1 Vs. Sporting, 0-1 Vs. Barcelona, 1-1 Vs. Valladolid, 2-2 Vs. Athletic Bilbao, 1-0 Vs. Extremadura, 3-2 Vs. Real Madrid, 2-2 Vs. Celta and 0-0 Vs. Atl?©tico Madrid. On this opportunity the team was coached by Toshack, and curiously, Depor ended 3rd in the table.

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