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16 Dec 2016
FayÁal Fajr conceded an interview to Sportpaper AS, the Moroccan isnít happy as he has only played 82 minutes in November and December. He also believes that Depor should have more points for the work done on the pitch.

Q: The points arenít arriving, but something has changed at the team...
A: Itís true. Since two or three games ago we have changed things. The team is better and little by little we continue working, surely soon we will correct what we are missing. The team competes well.

Q: Is that why Sundayís game becomes more important?
A: All games are important, in the end you have to win yes or yes. A meeting at home, with your fans, before the holidays...  no matter is Osasuna or BarÁa, you have to win and get the three points to go quiet, but not too quiet.

Q: What has changed at the team?
A: I donít know, but I donít think itís that much. We've had a bit of bad luck. There were matches in which we should have returned with points and in the end... We knew we had a team to be higher and we continue to work well. I think all players are given our 100% and if we want to do something we need to be united.

Q: You are now going to the African Cup, I understand that it is difficult not to have it present...
A: Yes, because even if you donít want to always think a little... It's the African Cup! In the world we live in, there are people who donít care about it, but of course I think about it. But let's wait for the final list. I trust to be there, but I'm not playing here and you can never be 100% sure.

Q: Does Morocco has options?
A: There are two or three teams like Algeria, Ivory Coast and Senegal that are the favourites to win. But we have a lot of quality, all playing in great teams from Europe and we will give everything. I think we can get far.

Q: The difficult thing is that it will be more difficult to find a spot at the team when you return...
A: Yeah, but I'm not playing now either. I know it's a problem. In France, they are more used because there are many African players and we have to be a month away from the team. If itís my turn I will encourage Depor from Gabon and will watch the matches to be closer.

Q: How are you in a personal level?
A: Bad, very bad. I havenít changed my attitude, it's the same from the first day, but sometimes you play and sometimes you donít. This is football. But a footballer wants to play and if I'm not playing then I cannot be happy.

Q: Especially, since you were important on last year...
A: It's hard to assume it in any situation, although last season I wouldnít have played so much. I donít know why I'm not playing. I work well, it's a dream for me to get up every day to train. I give one hundred percent, but in the end the coach is the one who chooses.

Q: Do you think it hurts you to not have a defined position?
A: I think so. I realize about it. My family always asks in which position do I play. Where I feel fine and can help the team better is by the centre. But Iím a team player and Iíve no problem in any position. The important thing is to play.

Q: Are you planning to leave?
A: I hope I play again. I am happy in A CoruŮa and people love me. Since the day of Athletic I barely played at the Riazor and I want to return to be in front of the fans, also outside. I feel good at Depor and I donít think about going out, but if I still donít play from here to the end of season then I would have to talk about it.



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