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28 Dec 2016
Seven men are ending their contracts in June of 2017. It means the 32% of the squad, it’s a percentage that has been lower with the passage of the years.

Starting on next Monday the players that are ending their contracts during the summer are free to negotiate with other clubs. In past years this situation has been a headache to Deportivo as big part of the squad was under these circumstances, but within the last two seasons things have been changing.

At the end of 2015, 46% of the players were ending their contracts during the following summer (12 of 26), just when in previous years the percentage was above the 60%. Now the club faces with the fact that the 32% of the players are ending their links during next summer (7 of 22).

The seven men ending their links with Depor are goalkeeper German Lux, left-back Fernando Navarro, right-back Juanfran Moreno, midfielder Guilherme, right winger Carles Gil, plus attackers Joselu and Marlos Moreno.

In the cases of Juanfran and Guilherme, both are loaned from other clubs but Depor have a buyout option for an undisclosed amount; actually in the case of Juanfran it is considered a “covered transfer” as Deportivo wanted to pay the big part of the operation on next season.

In the case of Marlos Moreno, Depor have an agreement with Manchester City FC that the loan can be extended for one additional season if both clubs are interested at the end of this campaign. The Galicians are interested in buying the rights of Joselu, but that will be a hard battle with Stoke City.

Carles Gil is loaned without a buyout option, while Lux and Navarro are terminating their multi-year contracts and it isn’t clear if the club is interested in renewing their deals, though Navarro has the option to extend his contract if he plays a certain number of games that hasn’t been revealed.



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