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01 Feb 2017
Emre Çolak is the player of January for the Peña members of RCDLC.com. It was a highly competitive month with six games and several players shinning despite Deportivo didn’t win any game.

The busy month of January ended with Deportivo unable to win any of the six matches disputed in the period, but the other story was that it only lost once. In a general sense the team left a positive impression despite the elimination in Copa -without losing any game before Deportivo Alavés- and had very decent performances in liga.

It was also a competitive month as several players shined at the same time. Emre Çolak was elected as the best player in the month after been the most voted player in the draw before Villarreal CF and the defeat at SD Eibar.  He was also the second most voted player in the draw at UD Las Palmas.

The Turkish have mixed brilliant performances with other games in which he barely appeared, but within the last three games in the month he called the attention of the fans despite he even had to perform as a winger for the visit to UD Las Palmas.

Florin Andone and Guilherme were other players that shone in the month, both picked 16 points in the month, only three less than Çolak, while Juanfran Moreno added 15. The right-back was named as the best player twice in the month, it was for both legs against Alavés.

Summary of the month:  

Rival Note MOM Points PV
Alavés 2 Juanfran 9 none
Espanyol 2 Borges 23 Juanfran & Colak
Alavés 1 Juanfran 18 none
Villarreal 2 Colak 26 Laure & Navarro
Las Palmas 1 Andone 26 none
Eibar 1 Colak 23 none

Overall: Now Çolak leads the race for the RCDLC.com player of the season award, the playmaker only has a point of advantage over Andone. The third man in the dispute is Juanfran Moreno.   

Player Points
Colak 59
Andone 58
Juanfran 49
Guilherme 28
Sidnei 23
Albentosa 20
Babel 20
Borges 15
Luisinho 11
Gil 11
Mosquera 10
Arribas 10
Bruno Gama 9
Lux 8
Fajr 8
Lucas 6
Tyton 6
Joselu 6
Marlos 4
Navarro 3
Rubén 2
Laure 1




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