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05 Feb 2017
Depor’s coach is confident in changing the dynamic of the team playing away from home; he also listed the physical situation of some players.

Gaizka Garitano addressed the media on Saturday’s noon and after the training session. He talked to reporters for eleven minutes and analysed the impact of the suspension in the game against Betis, plus explaining the status of Juanfran, Navarro and Laure, three players dragging issues. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Delay in the game Vs. Betis: “I don’t have too much to say, only to know when the game will be scheduled, and that I hope it won’t affect us too much, beyond the fact that it wold be played in midweek, at least that it could be in a week in which we could have three days for the rest. I don’t want to go from Thursday to Saturday or Sunday to Tuesday. “

“I have an opinion of when it’s better to play it, but I’m worried it can be like in Copa. Because we played without rest three games in a matter of six days. What worries me is that we can have enough room to rest before and after the games. It was a pity too as I think it was the first time in which we had the whole team available, we didn’t have injuries and neither suspensions. But there’ nothing we can do. You always want to play, especially after losing, but eventually we will play it.”

How the delay will impact the season of Depor? “We would have loved to play the game, because we have spent many weeks playing on the road. We have spent a while playing away and too little at home, and in the end all the teams add more points at home. We wanted to add and it’s another week without adding, though it’s for not playing. It shouldn’t affect us if the rivals add and approach, because that option will still there as we still have to play the game.”

Fernando Navarro in Saturday’s training: “Fernando suffered a cut [in the face] and we will see.”

Laure is injured again: “He needs more scans, it seems he has damage in the Soleus muscle, the same of the last injury.”

Juanfran didn’t end Saturday’s session: “Juanfran noticed something in the knee, but I think it’s not important. I am more worried for Laure as it’s the zone that he damaged before.”

Ola John and Kakuta: “A positive thing is that Ola and Gaël [Kakuta] will have one more week to train, and we need to search for positive things, this is the only one of not playing yesterday.”

Visit to Athletic Club: “Yesterday we spoke of not been able to win in January. We need victories, but it’s also true that we drew at the field of Espanyol, place where Celta lost and that’s tough, and we also drew at Las Palmas. I agree that we need to improve, but neither we are far. We are coming from two tough draws, and truly we had a poor start at Eibar, but gave feeling of the things we need to do in order to win. Now we travel to another tough stadium, but I believe we aren’t far from winning on the road.”

Poor record of Garitano playing away games: “I have trained Eibar and Deportivo at Primera Division; if I would have coaches Real Madrid and Barcelona then I would surely have more victories.”



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