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28 Feb 2017
Garitano attended to the press room and talked about the reasons that caused his exit from Deportivo, he believes there was some bad luck, but also admitted that he did man things wrong.

Gaizka Garitano conceded his last press conference at Deportivo. The Basque man talked to reporters early on Monday’s morning and tried to explain why he is leaving. He wasn’t mad with his exit and admitted it was a logical choice by the club. The following is the summery of the things he said.

Good bye: “I will like to say good-bye thanking everybody, starting with the fans, thanks for the support throughout all these months, also thanks to all the workers at the club, especially to Tino and his board for the treatment received, to Richard Barral for his honesty and help during all these months, to all the players for the respect they had during this time. I wish the best to everyone and I am a fan since now, hopefully the future will be good for everyone.”

Is it a fair decision? “I think the club sought for a revulsive after the last poor results and in these cases the coach is the one that pays. I have been at the orders of the club and if the club thinks this is the right call then I accept it and hopefully things will be fine from now own.”

How where you informed? “I think that things have always been fine with Tino, we have been honest and I cannot say bad things. Everything was normal and sincerity has always been there. They understood that they needed a revulsive and I am leaving the club. Richard [Barral] told me after the game that things were difficult and I was foreseeing this, he told me yesterday and later Tino phoned me. It was the normal process. The club did the things as it should have been done.”

Game against Leganés: “It was really painful, it increased the pressure and the club made this decision. These things happen in football. The important thing is Deportivo La Coruña and we have to accept it.”

Life at the club: “It was difficult since the first day, I knew it was going to be tough, I would have done it only by achieving great results and achieving things, but it wasn’t possible. Still, we are leaving with the team at Primera and never stepping into relegation, and also with a promising future in many senses.”

Did you miss luck? “It is a game, and I believe the points we have don’t correspond to what was shown on the pitch. I believe that we have done many things wrong, but many things happened to us, the most important player at the squad left after matchday 01, and later we lost again the most important player at the squad during December, and later in the games we missed the luck that was needed, but surely we did many things wrong and that’s why we are leaving.”

What failed? “I don’t know. You have one of the shortest budgets and you know you will be fighting for those spots; surely, we missed luck and surely we failed in other things, that’s why we are leaving. We were brought here with two clear goals: the first was to get the goal in an easier way as in the past two seasons it was done until the end, until the last matchdays, truly the team remains at Primera but we didn’t achieve it with the easiness that we wanted. And later I came to fix the problems we had at the changing room, and I believe that now the changing room is fine, so I believe things have improved.”

Reaction from the players: “There always people that are happier as there are players that play more than others, but I have to thank the footballers for their support. I have nothing had to say about it. I believe this is a team with the skills to stay at Primera División, right now Deportivo needed a couple of good results in order to recover the self-esteem. I am confident in the work of the players and the new coach. I think things will be fine.”

High demands at Deportivo? “The demand was high but I knew it since the start, this is a big club and to not match the expectations leaves to this, the demands were what it should because this is a great club, and I already knew it.”

The worst performance of the season in the most important game: “Well, maybe it has to do with the morale of the team, maybe the team needed more confidence. We can only think of the next two games and right now I only wanted to say good-bye.”

Pepe Mel: “I don’t know him, but he is a great coach. If he needs my help I am here for anything. I wish him the best. I believe it is a good choice.” 




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