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01 Mar 2017
The new coach of Deportivo was presented on Tuesday; he says that the players need to be convinced first in order to revert the current dynamic, while the president admitted that not only Garitano was failing before.

The club confirmed on Tuesday’s noon that Pepe Mel had signed a contract lasting until June and with the option to extend it for an additional year in case of securing the permanence. His team is composed by Roberto Ríos (second coach), David Gómez (physical trainer) and José Gordillo (analyst). The Madrilenian man became into the 63th coach of Deportivo on the day of his 54th birthday.

He was presented in the afternoon. Tino Fernández and his board were there too, plus sporting director Richard Barral attended to the press conference.  The president welcomed the new coach, “As you well know we are presenting the new coach, Pepe Mel. We welcome Pepe Mel and wish him the best. I won’t resume his career now, but want to emphasize his experience at Primera. We are convinced that we will make a good project and that we can find the so desired stability on the bench.”

The president also commented that he is aware that the team isn’t the only thing failing at the moment, but that the change of coach was needed, “I see the future with optimism. I am asking people to remain calm. The team hasn’t been in relegation, nobody is saved and neither relegated. Deportivo have played against the best teams and always competed.  The tendency is poor, we are going down and for me the best was to make a switch, we needed a change of direction. We need to break the negative dynamic, the nightmare was getting too long. It isn’t only a problem with the coach. I think it will be a mistake to believe that the only problem was Gaizka Garitano. We all need to change.”

Later Depor’s new boss addressed the media, “I want to thank the president and the club, also Richard [Barral], who transmitted the idea of what Depor can be. I came in order to help. The players need confidence and they need to believe. The best thing to achieve thing is to believe in what you do.”

He is aware of what lies ahead, “The next two weeks are tough. We need to think that today is like a Friday, and after the game with Atlético it will be Friday again, and after the game with Sporting it’s Friday again, and after the game with Betis it will be Friday again, and so on for the first two weeks.”

The Madrilenian insisted that this is a big opportunity for him, “If you ask any professional coach if they want to coach Deportivo having these players, the 100% of them will answer that yes. Richard Barral phoned e and asked: Do you want to coach Depor? Yes, off course. What a joy. It’s very difficult to say no to Depor when you have spent one year out of the game.”

Mel assured that the idea is to have a pretty style, but that the priority is the victories, “Playing style? Deportivo need to win games. I am not saying that we will play ugly; we need to play well in order to win, but then you have the question: what does it mean to play well? We need to do things having fun, if you do things having fun then you are connected with people. I saw the team suffering against Leganés, though it was only for that game.”

The speech of the new boss is focused in convincing the players that they can change the current bad streak if they are convinced of their skills, “I think the same than the rest: you cannot feel asleep, we need to start working and connect with all the family of Depor. I need the players to believe in me, I need to see them believing that what I say is the truth. Let’s see if the reaction could be for real. The players have qualities, but first they need to be convinced that their partners are good and them too. That’s our short goal. The players need to be more convinced, because I believe that against Leganés there was a moment in which they surrendered, and it cannot be like that.”



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