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02 Mar 2017
Depor’s coach debuts in the job, he is content with the attitude of the players, but at the same time is worried with the situation of Borges and Guilherme. Atlético coach warned about the rival and also admitted that there will be changes.

Pepe Mel addressed the media on Wednesday’s noon; he is facing his first game on board after only two training sessions with the team. He talked of the current situation and also explained why Guilherme will probably skip the game. The following is the summary of the things said by Depor’s new coach.

The current state of the squad: “Within the intensity, all the players want to add and show things, so I remain calm. A change of coach always activates the players, yesterday they worked at the top. Today it was the same and it means that they want to do things. The protagonists are the players and they must connect with the fans, and I want to see if the players can do it.”

Mental state of the players: “This Depor was made for other things and to see you down there it can be a problem for the players. I have worked with a physiologist in the past, it isn’t strange, and if I see that it’s necessary then I will ask the club.”

Changes at the lineup? “I am not looking into that, I will look at the rival and then I will decide.”

The current bad streak: “Personally I always look to improve. I don’t want excuses, if the bad luck continues in the next fifteen games then what will happen is that we will see Depor in a critical situation; you won’t longer enjoy football at Primera, I will be without a job and the players will see how their status declines, I don’t need excuses, what we need is to compete in order to win games.”

What he likes the most at Deportivo: “What I liked the most is the will of the players. In 48 hours on here I noticed that this is a familiar club.”

What he doesn’t like at Deportivo:  “What I don’t like is to see Guilherme and Celso [Borges] with four yellows. I never work the games thinking of the next, but perhaps this time I will have to do it.”

Guilherme is injured: "Guilherme didn’t end well the last game against Leganés, today he suffered a relapse and I won't risk."

Relation with the players:  “For now it is a monologue with the players, I didn’t expect for anything different. I have been a player for seventeen years and know how this is. They are just paying attention and with the ears open analysing me. We watched Atlético today in a video, they know this team, but want to see what I think of it. Tomorrow we will talk of ourselves.”

Atlético: “This is team well worked, with a good dynamic and with a great knowledge of what they must do. They are full of confidence after been together for a long time and each player arriving adds things. Their financial level is big and reaches heights that Depor cannot reach, but in any given game anyone can win and by anyone it can mean Depor, which is a big club.”

Diego Simeone addressed the media on Wednesday’s afternoon; he was warning about Depor’s potential despite the current situation of the Galicians, while he hinted opportunities for the less habitual players. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Deportivo: “It’s difficult when a new boss arrives, the less habitual players fell that they have more chances, because there’s the need to respond. I am waiting for an enthusiastic rival, a side that already had good players, like the Turkish [Çolak] or Andone, who are fast and complement each other. There’s no relation between the points they have with the performance in all their games.”

Changes at the lineup: We always train to have everyone at our disposal and it’s always more complex with the ones that have the lesser minutes. It comes to me as an example the situation with Lucas [Hernández], who is always in when he has to appear. They have to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the coach. We have guys who are playing less time, as in all football teams, the differences between teams aren’t at the first starting eleven, but the depth of the squads, you can have more spare if people respond, which is why the differences occur throughout the year.”

Tight calendar: “We cannot do anything, there’s no discussion. If we have more or less hours for the rest then it’s useless.”

Juanfran and Tiago: “Juanfran can be an alternative for Sunday. Tiago is feeling better, he is feeling looser and it would be good to count with him.”

Mental state after the defeat with Barcelona: “The players and the coach are feeling in the same way. If you have the chance to play soon then it means a shorter time in order to win again and if you win then you can repeat the performance. The state of mind must be balanced, you cannot be too content and neither too bad when things aren’t working out.”



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