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17 Mar 2017
Depor’s president addressed the media about the situation at the club after the sentence of the Supreme Court. He said to be worried and screwed, but at the same time believes that things can be fixed.

President Tino Fernández addressed the media after a public act of the club, he talked of the new financial situation of Deportivo after the decision of the Supreme Court that raised the debt, “Without doubt it is bad news for us, the true is that we weren’t expecting for this. We thought that the sentence could be favourable to Deportivo, but it wasn’t like that. Now we can only face the problem and try to fix it.” He started saying.

Later the president affirmed that the situation of crisis can now be extended for the next six seasons, “I don’t want to talk of the viability of the club or if it’s compromised. I believe it means an additional problem. We were living in a scenario in which we thought that this difficult situation can end in three or four seasons, now this sentence is causing that this scenario of severe diet could be extended in maybe three more seasons, so we are talking of six years, which means a big difficulty as we will be among the lowest salary caps, so we need more sporting ability as we will be among the clubs with the lowest salary cap and that, at the same time, are dragging debt, therefore we will be competing  in disadvantage. In any case, we are eager to find a solution to this challenge.”

Asked about the possibility of selling the debt to a third party he answered saying that there are different ways that the club could follow, “The so called sell of the debt must be paid too; we are passing from a situation in which that money was going to be paid in many years without interest and when Deportivo weren’t going to have any other weight, to now have to pay it in the coming years, we can fulfil this with a financial plan, but still you have to pay for it and with more expensive interests. We are now working in how to fix this situation, a way is the banks with whom we have been working, there are other ways like funds and we still have to see the legal solution. We have to see what options are open in a legal sense, the same agreement with the tax agency leaves an open road to adjust the payments, so among a combination of these factors we will get a solution.”

Depor’s boss admitted that the situation is difficult, but he is also optimistic, “I am disappointed and screwed, but we will move on. We have been in worse situations, even before our arrival, like the infamous July 31. With me as president we went to play at Murcia without money, with everything frozen and with us at Segunda División, that was a tough situation, and when we had to request for a delay in the payment of ten million in taxes, which was very difficult to get, well we get it. So, I think that in this case we will find a solution. I want to send a message of worry and at the same time of confidence in our possibilities, in our board and the financial partners that are surrounding us. It’s a tough day, but we must move forward.”

Finally, Fernández admitted that the club could be tempted in selling players as a solution, though it’s something to be decided, “Clearly it is a thing that we must have in mind, we are in a moment of strategic analysis, it also has a good thing: definitely we now know the total length of the problem. Before we only knew a part of the equation, now we know all the factors. Now we must analyse it, we talked with the advisors and this includes sporting solutions, what I want to send a message of tranquillity is that there are no short-term problems and neither cash problems, paradoxically we will have the better revenues on this year. What happens is that the debts that we have are forcing us to drag an important problem. We want to keep some players as they are the ones that will make you look higher at the standings.”



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