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16 Dec 2006
Frustration was the main reaction after the newest defeat at the Riazor. Only three players wanted to face the media, Iago, Cristian and Verd??, curiously three youngsters that are living their first days as professionals. Coach Caparr??s didn't know how to explain the defeat, while president Lendoiro gave a message of support to the squad.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s didn't know how to explain the defeat of his squad: "It's difficult to talk about an explanation to what has happened, we were shaking at the beginning. The key was in the first goal, it was a situation that we were trying to avoid for the delicate moment that we are living. Later we locked them in their own area and we generated occasions to score. We missed some luck to fulfill those opportunities. Athletic has a good defence and during the second half,  the same thing happened as the one that occurred when we faced a Racing with nine men, the rival knew how to handle the situation and for that reason we were too much hurried."

The Sevillan trainer also confessed that he is hoping to reach the winter break as soon as possible: "We need a break in order to think carefully and throw away this tension. We have to correct the problems and break this negative period. I have this squad and I possess a great confidence in these players. There's no secret, we can only trust in them and hope that the results will change soon."

The only three players that faced the media were Iago, Cristian and Verd??. Joan Verd?? said that the team must keep on working with the same intensity: "We aren't finding the path of the victory and this defeat has affected us. But right now we can't give up, we have to go out and solve the situation once and for all."

Cristian Hidalgo talked about eluding the relegation zone, the first objective of the club according to his criteria: "I don't have words to explain the result. Right now what we have to do, is to achieve the salvation as soon as possible, and later we will see. We have to trust in Caparr??s, he is a great coach."

Iago admitted that the defeat has affected the morale of the squad: "We are really pissed off, this has been a strong hit to the squad. But we have to find the way to rebuild ourselves." The Galician youngster also said that he isn't unhappy with his current situation in the team: "The coach is the one that must take the decisions. I don't have complaints about being out of the regular lineups, there are other players with less minutes."

Once again, president Augusto C?©sar Lendoiro expressed his confidence in the players: "We have to bring them the strength and the serenity that the they need in order to change the course. We have to find the way as soon as possible. If we can't do it in Sevilla, we should wait for the day that Real Madrid will visit us."

Depor's president also wanted to thanks the effort done by the fans, with a special mention to the Riazor Blues. Finally, Lendoiro didn't want to talk about reinforcements in the winter market: "I won't talk about it. The players would be the ones affected with this situation, for that reason I prefer to insist about the confidence that they need to gain."

The hero of the game was Javi Mart?­nez, the 18-year-old midfielder was very excited with his performance in this match: "It's the first time in which I score two goals, but that's also a merit to the whole squad. I am really happy with the goals, but especially with the result achieved by the team. We won and this is a really important victory."

Meanwhile, coach Man?© said that it was a difficult win for his squad: "It was a hard match and we made a big effort in order to achieve the victory. We did a good job in the strategic plays although we suffered during some of their free-kicks. For me this week is about two parts and six points, the first part was this match and we already achieved three points, now the second part is against Zaragoza on Tuesday. I want to congratulate Javi Mart?­nez for his extraordinary goal."

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