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16 Dec 2006
The papers in Spain criticised the decisions taken by Joaqu?­n Caparr??s about the starting lineup, and also about the multiple modifications that he made during the match. Newspaper La Voz even accused him of not trusting in his players. Meanwhile, the work done by Javi Mart?­nez has been praised by the Basque papers.

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: Missing the goal. Far are the days in which Depor was in another level. The squad had enough resources to be aspiring to something else. There was enough money to hire players with category. Now, the squad is missing their presence. Deportivo is an orphan, and it's time to adopt with urgency. Athletic was a team that was limited to create pressure and to put some order over the grass, in this simple way they achieved the three points. Did the local side deserve better luck? Maybe, but the result can't be considered as unfair. They used their best weapons and the most important thing: they did it with criteria.

Depor played the better football. Joaqu?­n Caparr??s took some risk in the second half. He replaced a central defender with a midfielder (Iago for Arbeloa), but he readjusted Juan Rodr?­guez into a defender, the third position that he occupied during the night after covering the roles of playmaker and pivote. The experiment went wrong for the Andalucian coach. He jumped into the pool and there was no water. This isn't the Deportivo that continues to fail outside home, it's a squad that in its own environment is showing some dangerous holes. Xos?© Manuel Mallo.

La Voz de Galicia: Losing the compass. Depor allowed a goal in a stationary play, it didn't take advantage of the errors committed by the worst defensive line in la liga, and lost a game for some modifications that nobody understood. A worrying thing is that Athletic came to Riazor without too much conviction. They just speculated with the anxiety in the local team. There are only a few teams with a worst defence than the one of Man?©, it's rare to see a squad failing so much in set pieces actions as Athletic did, and it's difficult to see a team wasting the possession of ball as the Basques did in yesterday's game. But not even in these conditions Depor was able to defeat one of the worst teams seen in Riazor during recent times.

Joaqu??n Caparr??s converted his team into a puzzle without an explanation. He put a lot of firepower over the pitch (Adri??n for De Guzm??n), he seated a poor Riki and sent Estoyanoff to the game, and he gave a new chance to Iago for Arbeloa. Jua Rodr?­guez, a midfielder with the capacity to score goals, started as the organiser, and he ended as central defender. Cristi??n, who was lost during the night, proved some luck on both wings. Iago and Verd??, without a bodyguard, were sent to perform as the axis in midfield. Arizmendi was a lonely ranger and had to abandon his position in order to lead a squad that didn't give problems to Athletic. It gives the impression that Caparr??s isn't believing in his squad anymore, it's impossible to find another explanation to these changes. Another preoccupation is the decisions that Caparr??s are taking in his starting eleven: The weird absences (Sergio and Coloccini) and the fixation with other players that aren't living a good moment (Juanma and Cristian). Jos?© M. Fern??ndez.

AS: An inspired night of Javi Mart?­nez was enough to defeat a Deportivo that only possesses a few offensive resources, and that' showing a poor image. The two goals of the youngster is putting Athletic three points behind the Galicians, a team that could be in troubles soon (Sevilla and Real Madrid are their next rivals). Caparr??s's bet of leaving Sergio and Coloccini on the bench didn't work out, in fact, it demonstrated that this isn't the solution. This squad needs courage, and if you leave out the players that possess this quality... The changes were also negative facts, and the last one of replacing Arbeloa with Iago was a suicide. Luis de La Cruz.

El Correo (Bilbao): Javi Mart?­nez made an exercise of personality in La Coru?±a. Although that Man?© changed its position in four opportunities, the youngster scored two goals that are helping Athletic to abandon the relegation zone. The main problem for the Basques was that the team that lost the possession of the ball, but Man?© realised this situation, and it was then when he changed the position of Mart?­nez, moving to the right and Iraola performed alongside Murillo in midfield. The change worked out and Deportivo was a foreseeable rival during the second half.

Athletic didn't let them think and Man?© changed his pieces. Garmendia came out and Mart?­nez modified his position once again, this time he performed as a playmaker, Yeste covered the left and Murillo continued in midfield. This combination was the one that allowed the second goal for Athletic. With Valer??n and Bodipo injured, Caparr??s doesn't have references upfront and he can only speculate with strategic plays. Although the Basques faced some difficulties with this kind of game, they were better than other occasions and defended really well. The defenders were anticipating the rivals and were more involved in the actions. J. Ort?­z de Lazcano.

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