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18 May 2017
German Lux conceded a press conference on Wednesday, he talked of his future and admitted that the team didn’t fulfil the expectations of the fans during this season.

Keeper German Lux spent the major part of the press conference talking of his future as his contract ends on next month and since he hasn’t had renewals talk yet, but he also talked of the poor impression left by the team in la liga season. He started admitting that the season of Deportivo was disappointing, “The true is that we had an irregular season, it was complicated and I believe that our fans got exhausted. In the final agony, we passed through different moments, from the exit of Lucas to the arrival of players in the market. We are aware that we made a bad season. The expectations at the beginning were different, and we didn’t fulfil them, we all must have self-criticism. We hope that, spending several years at Primera, there will be a year in which things could be perfect.”

The Argentine player denied the idea that the team missed self-esteem during the season, “That might be the vision had from the outside, but our perspective in different. We are the ones that live it, the ones that suffer it. I never lacked self-esteem, in that sense, it wasn’t like that. We all have individual errors and moments of weaknesses, but throughout the season many things happened. “

The keeper also confirmed that he has no news about his near future, “I don’t know. I’ve been focused until the end; unfortunately I won’t play the last game at the Riazor. Let’s hope that Depor can start to plan the next season and create hope, because the suffering on the season was big. In a personal sense, I don’t have any offer. We must wait. I have been six year here and feel fine on here, I want to continue, but this is a thing of two parties. They know me, I am one of the captains and we will see what happens next. I know nothing, until days ago I was focused in achieving the permanence.”

He understands the reason why the club hasn’t contacted him yet, “They have a way to make things and I have mine. I respect them. They know what they think of me. I sell myself on a football pitch, like all the players, not outside talking to microphones or in social media. It is where a player deserves respect. We will wait and see if Deportivo want me to continue. For now I know nothing. My agent should be doing something if I don’t receive an offer from Deportivo.”

Lux was asked about what failed in the season, and he responded that, “Many things, errors and details. The exit of references inside the pitch, like Lucas, or when we recovered Ryan Babel just to see him leaving later. Also the change of the coach, though the arrival of Pepe Mel activated the team again. Individual errors and later many things that need a deeper analysis.” 

He wasn’t worried with the pessimism of the fans, “I am not worried. There’s a phrase: everything passes. The hope will return, yes, the suffering was big, but the fan is always there, in good and bad moments. I have no doubt that the hope will be here again on next season.”

The reporters insisted about his future, the keeper was asked if he sees himself out of Deportivo, “Yes, I am preparing my baggage, but to go on vacation. We need it, with my family and children. We are far from the family and we want to spend time with them. Later I don’t know anything of my future.”

Finally, Lux became a little angry as the reporters were insisting with the subject, “I will love to resolve my future now, but it isn’t like that. Things are clear, for now we are here, but later you have to leave when your contract ends. I would love to have two or three more years of contract, but it isn’t like that” He ended.



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