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27 May 2017
The so expected press conference of Tino Fernández didn’t produce any important novelty, the main thing is that he explained the existence of two plans for next campaign that depend on the negotiation of the debt.

Very long press conference by president Tino Fernández. He talked for an hour with reporters. The true is he didn’t announce anything important as the negotiations for the exit and arrival of players remain undergoing. Depor’s boss clarified the situation with the debt and explained the existence of two plans that depend on the negotiation with the banks. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Balance of the season: “Beyond the goal, we fulfilled the need to remain at Primera División, which is very important for the survival of the club. Truly the goal in a sporting sense was to make a step forward. We didn’t expect to have fewer points than last season, therefore from that aspect we didn’t fulfil it. But it’s true we got the basic goal and, beyond the feelings, we achieved the goal. For some people it will be very bad, for others it will be enough. In the end my valorisation is that Deportivo are in the place that corresponds to us, if we analyse the standings we will see that twelve teams ended precisely where their salary cap indicates, maybe one position up or down, we will see that 60% copied the results of standings according to the salary cap. “

“There are two teams that are mirrors as they had outstanding results, it should be an example for us, which are Eibar and Alavés, and vice versa there are three clubs that had negative results according to their salary cap, which are Valencia, Granada and somehow Betis. The rest of the competence is where the money allowed it. I am no content, evidently, and I would be happy been higher. I feel like a dagger when we lose, but we now have the challenge to be the next Alavés. We have another goal which is economical as we need to fix the problem with the debt.”

Pepe Mel: “I said before that he was going to continue if we could achieve the permanence and there isn’t any doubt with Pepe Mel. I believe that his numbers are beyond what we achieved in the whole season. He has a good harmony with the technical staff, the players and the board, so we hope he can be successful in the future. When we signed him we were hoping to keep him, truly there was a clause in his contract as anything can happen, but those things are normal. We have full confidence in Pepe Mel.”

The debt of the club: “In this moment we are working, there aren’t novelties at this point. If we cannot improve the conditions then practically we will be able to repeat the salary cap of this season.  Our hope is to renegotiate the debt and improve the salary cap. I believe it’s important to not blame the past for this, the important thing is that we paid nineteen million euros in this season, more than one and half million per month, the same price of Lucas. In other words, a Lucas per month. That’s what we paid this year.”

Salary Cap: “You need to make two balances here, the performance of what you had and what you have at the squad. The situation has improved a lot at the moment of comparing what we had at the squad when this board arrived to what we currently have. From making zero-cost transfers or transfers with a low cost, we were able to transfer the most expensive Galician player. The challenge is to get new incomes, reduce costs or renegotiate the debt, which is very important, because we still owe 93 million euros, which is a lot compared to other bankruptcy cases. We still have a high mountain in front of us, it neither is a surprise, but it’s a challenge.”

Composition of the squad taking in mind the debt: “We told the sporting direction to have a plan A, with a budget similar to this season, and a plan B with another amount that I gave to the sporting director in case we are able to restructure the numbers, it would be higher. La Liga closes the salary caps in June, but it can be moved if you demonstrate later that you have more incomes or if you have a new structure of the debt. So, the sporting direction is working in two scenarios, one that’s similar to the one had on this year and a second scenario that’s superior with a money that I indicated to the sporting director if things work as I think it can work, but that at this moment it isn’t closed yet.”

Delay in the signing? “Not necessarily. We still in May. Many clubs aren’t attending yet as they are still competing. We still have time to do what we want, it neither means big changes as it is more quality than quantity.”

Negotiations for the debt: “It is under way. It won’t be over in fifteen days or something like that.”

Andone: “The negotiation of the debt isn’t affecting the plan as we planned to not have incomes for the transfer of players, therefore we will only make it if we are interested. In the case of Florin Andone, there isn’t any intention in selling him, unless they come with the clause, we don’t have any intention. I have been contacted by clubs outside Spain and I told them that no, there isn’t a case Florin Andone. Our challenge is not to sell Andone, but to find another striker and have that partnership that will allow us to be more powerful and lethal.”

Changes at the sporting secretariat: “Yes, the sporting director told me about possible changes that he can make, which would mean to bring more people to work with them and then be at the same height than other clubs, they have more resources, but it can also be a matter of organisation. He will make a proposal and, if we have a financial chance, then we will do it.”

Poor performance of the team: “I didn’t say that the financial situation is the only reason, evidently it has a big impact, but there are many things that need to be analysed. I know that we missed energy in order to compete, not only in games that we lost, but also in games in which we added points. We get a point at Las Palmas and I didn’t like it too much. There were many moments in the season and need to be valorised. We are now thinking about it, away from the feelings had throughout the season. We need to see how we can get that competitive gene. I don’t doubt of the professional behaviour of the players, we don’t have players with problems of discotheques and stuff like that, sometimes it is a matter of pushing and pulling the team, you see other teams with less quality in which there are players that assume those roles. Sometimes we missed things of the other football, we witnessed how we dropped games at minute 93 and stuff like that. I think of how Athletic defeated us at San Mamés, and those points have been intoxicating the environment.”

Negative environment at the stands:  “What happened isn’t pleasant, but we must be respect it. We still at Primera División and later everyone can ,make their valorisation. We can only work so the people won’t have that feeling again.”

Juanfran: “We will pay the clause, we haven’t done yet and we are in time to do it. We will pay the clause and later will see if there’s an offer. I believe he is happy on here, but you never know.”

Lux and the number of players at the squad: “There isn’t a definitive decision of the sporting director regarding exits. We have two keepers under contract and, if we sign somebody else, the club should manage the tempos. We need to see what’s at the market and must consider what will happen with Fabril. We could have a 20+3 squad, which means twenty man, three goalies and two spots for lads from Fabril if they are at Segunda B, we can also have a 20+3+1 with a keeper from Fabril. We will make decisions.”

Carles Gil and Ola John: “I am waiting to see what the sporting direction will tell me on next week. I insist, in many cases we will play with the tempos. We will see it according to what the markets can offer. We are searching to improve the quality in order to get that competitive gene.”

Lucas: “For us it is apriority to see him returning, but it won’t be easy as he has a long and big contract. It is a big club that also pay a high amount. We are knocking at the door. If there’s a chance the compromise is that we will be the first option.  Before I was talking of reinforcing the attack and in this case it is a fantastic choice, but a lot still ahead. I don’t think the exit of Lucas from Arsenal can take place soon.”

Big offers for Andone, Sidnei and Juanfran: “We will see what the market offers, but in the particular case of Andone the chance of selling him is zero, unless they come to pay the clause, it will be a similar case to Lucas Pérez. There isn’t any negotiation.”

Guilherme: “It is a player that interest us, the sporting direction suggest his signing and the coaching staff the same. We will see what we can do. We will make a decision according to the possibilities.”

Riazor Blues: “My opinion about the sanctions against them remain the same: we always defend Deportivo. It is what we have always done. We are only interested in getting the best results for the club. We are in the same position: we consider that their sanctions from the anti-violence committee have no reason.”

Negotiations for the new signings: “We can say that we are working on that, but until it is closed… I want to remember that, last season, we had a player that completed the medicals in the last day and later didn’t come. We are working in players, not from now, but before the season ended.”

Pablo Insua: “We count with him on here, right now I cannot say more.”

Róber: “We count with him, but it isn’t wrong to think he can stay at Levante. It might be a good idea. He will make the pre-season here and later we will see. We haven’t decided anything, but supposing that he can go out loaned, the existence of a clause will include a rebuy option too.”
Luisinho: “We are content with him. That’s why you cannot be definitive with the answers and that’s why I was wrong last year. We are content with him. Luisinho has one more year of contract and will continue at Deportivo. I believe the effort that he made in terms of his contract is speaking great things of him, showing that compromise that not everybody will have.”

Laure: “He has a contract. He is under contract and we count with him.”

The state of the Riazor: “I don’t think there was a confrontation with the city hall, we just defend Deportivo and sometimes we have clashes with la liga and other entities. The relation with the city hall is good, and about the roof they signed a new project and their proposal was approved. We are just trying to help. The plan will be presented in June or July.”

Exits from the squad: “The exits are conditioned by the arrivals. We have what we have and in the end the plan is a squad 20+2 or 20+2+1, so the exits and arrivals are determined by that. We still in May. “

Pre-season: “We have the plans ready, but nothing is confirmed. The reality is that the plan is ready at 100%, this for the games and the Teresa Herrera. When we have closed things at 100% then we will inform about it.”

Derby in the pre-season? “No, it isn’t in the plans. It is a format that cannot be abused. We did it before for the benefit of Galician football. It created money for Galician football through the Galician federation. The economic yield was important. We neither plan a tour outside of Spain.”

Depor Ladies: “For me it’s a success, I believe Deportivo have made a very good project. We created an effect of pushing things up. There is more interest in female football and our goal is to improve. For next season we already made signings and the goal is to be crowned champions and be promoted. There are 100 clubs at Segunda División and only two are promoted, so it isn’t easy.” 

Richard Barral: “He will continue with us, one more year and at least under the stage of this board, which ends in January of next year. I understands the criticism towards him, also the one toward me. They criticize everything and anyone according to what they see, the people need to express themselves.”



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