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31 May 2017
One of the keys for Depor B’s promotion to Segunda B was that, despite the initial results, coach Parralo quickly found a starting team, clearly identified by the number of minutes. Óscar scored twenty-two goals, Edu Expósito gave ten assists.

29 players had minutes with Deportivo B during the Tercera season, three of them were Juvenil A members that played a game as coach Cristobal Parralo needed their services: goalkeeper Ramón Rodriguez, right-back Iago Carracedo and attacker Pedro Alves.

Parralo normally used a 4-2-3-1 formation in the games, at times the draw was switched into a 4-1-4-1 and it depended of the available players for the games, as example the last visit on the season to CD As Pontes (May 07). Queijeiro was injured and the coach decided to perform with only one centre midfielder.

So, Fabril’s coach had a very clear idea of what he wanted and therefore it was pretty easy to identify the players that were starters with him, this since ten lads had 2,000 or more minutes in the Tercera season. The player with more minutes was left-back Lucas Viña (3,031).

The other nine were Óscar García (2,963), Álvaro Queijeiro (2,906), Borja Galán (2,871), Ignacio Monsalve (2,760), Enrique Fornos (2,649), Blas Alonso (2,426), Edu Expósito (2,384), Álex Cobo (2,361) and Arnau Campeny (2,296).

Of this list three lads are centre-backs (Arnau, Fornos and Monsalve), what happened is that Parralo rotated the presence of Fornos and Arnau, so from this short list nine were the normal starters throughout the season. The other two spots were for the striker and playmaker Manu Molina.

Molina is already 25 and landed late on the season (the market was closing its doors until December 31), for that reason he only had 1,792 minutes, but it was a crucial piece (5 goals and 4 assists). Meanwhile, there was a rotation with the striker’s role as Borja Domingo (1,776) and Portuguese Jardel (1,278) alternated in the position.

About the goal-scorers, the team netted 79 goas during the regular season, and almost the half of the goals (49% of the total) were netted by Óscar (22) or Borja Domingo (17). Curiously, none of them scored during the playoff against CP Cacereño. Óscar is only the fifth Fabril’s player that scored 20 or more goals in one single season. Other important goal-scorers during the Tercera campaign were Jardel (6) and Edu Expósito (6).

The department of assists was led by Edu Expósito with ten. The Catalan is the fourth player with double-digit assists since 2010 (the others were Lemos, Jorge Fernandez and Cardoso). He was followed by Borja Galán (9), Óscar (7), Lucas Viña (7), and Álex Corredera (6)

Finally, three players saw eleven yellow cards during the regular season: Queijeiro, Borja Domingo and Borja Galán, while three lads were sent off: Queijeiro, Lucas Viña and Quique Fornos. 



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