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14 Jun 2017
Winger Bicho is aware that he has a double chance for next season, he wants to make the pre-season with the first team and sees as an opportunity the promotion of Deportivo B to Segunda B.

Javier Fernández Abruñedo ‘Bicho’ turned 20 during the season that has just ended and had a positive impact at Racing De Ferrol, now he returns to Deportivo having two more years of contract. He talked to La Voz de Galicia about his expectations for next campaign.

“At least I want to have an opportunity and make the pre-season with the first team; I hope that Mel can meet me and maybe valorise if I’m worthy for next season or not.” He said. Bicho debuted with the first team three years ago when he was only 17. “Many people are still asking my age, because they think that I am older, but I still young and can continue growing.” He added.

But Bicho is aware that he has a double chance as the promotion of Fabril to Segunda B is opening a new window for next season, “I am not closing the doors to Fabril, because they are at Segunda B and it would be a nice opportunity to be there, and at any moment they could call me in order to be with the first team. I still have two years as a U-23 player and can alternate between the first team and Fabril.”

“The B squads can also make a good season at Segunda B. We already saw this on this year with Celta. Youth has nothing to do with the position at the standings. Truly you need experience, but this is a virtue that not only comes with age.” He added.

Bicho also said that he has learned a lot with his experience at Racing Ferrol, “When I debuted Depor weren’t fine, it was the year of Segunda División, it seemed that we were going to fight to avoid demotion, but we were promoted and it was a nice experience that I was lucky to live. At Racing, I was able to play and felt important.”

“The fans, the coach and the club were demanding a lot and this responsibility was good to me in order to keep growing. I not only learned in a football sense, but also made a lot of friends. From Coruña we had people like Nano, Mackay, Bandera and Gonzalo, especially Nano was telling us experiences from Barca and Atlético… and you learn, not only from him, but also of the experience of people like Mackay, Pablo Rey, and Joselu.” He finalized.



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