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18 Jun 2017
FayÁal Fajr is decided to leave Deportivo, the Moroccan midfielder wants more minutes and a more protagonic role in a Spanish team.

FayÁal Fajr is at the door out, the midfielder conceded an interview at Radio Cadena Cope and explained the reasons why he wants to leave Deportivo, " I donít want to continue at Deportivo, I have the club in my heart and I donít say it to sell smoke. I feel very good at the club and in the city. I'll never forget them, but there is a moment when a player wants to be important. I've talked to the club. I know it's difficult for a coach to tell you that you're going to play for 38 games, but I want to feel important, and this year it didnít happen. I seek to feel important. It is what any footballer wants. I, if I donít play, donít smile, donít live although they give ten million euros. I even talked to Richard about the chance of playing for Fabril, because I wanted to feel the grass and feel like a footballer. I donít care to lose money, I want to feel like a footballer. Money does not matter to me."

He emphasized the loss of confidence in a year in which he had 1,202 minutes on the field, "All the players want to feel important, to have confidence, and this year I felt that I didnít play with this confidence. I didnít have the confidence I wanted or the one they said, in the end I played several games but without confidence. "

Another complain was the position in which he was forced to play, "I'm a midfielder, a playmaker, I like to play in the middle. But since I came here, I had to play on the wing. I think first of the team and I donít have problem to play on the sides, but in the end I cannot spend my whole career in a position thatís not mine. Imagine Mosquera on the wing, he will not play in the same way, or Borges. Why do I have to play a whole year on the side?Ē

ďOne day the coach asked me if I could work at the right-back position. Because that week, if something happened, they needed a side defender. I am a playmaker, but I still trained the whole week there, I told the coach that no problem. If I have to be a goalkeeper, I will. But over the weekend I see that he leaves me out of the roster. You choose the ones that have to play, but come closer, tell me something. If I donít play, I go home alone, away from my family, with many questions in my head." The midfielder added.

The Moroccan also described an incident in A CoruŮa that affected him emotionally, "They once tried to steal my watch. A woman came to talk to me, she was Romanian. It is something that happens many times, she asked for an autograph. But they tried to dock me in the street, she was a Romanian, but not of those who ask you by the street. I help those women every day in A CoruŮa downtown, I help people who do not have things. But she asked me for a photo, she was talking to me with respect - he was in the car - and her husband appeared on the right, he wanted to greet me. When he greeted me, she took the watch from me and ran.Ē

ďI was lost two minutes, I got out of the car and she was not lucky, I was wearing the training kit. I went running behind, with me you have to run a lot to leave me behind. I went running and I was lucky that there were a lot of traffic lights in the center. Her boyfriend was behind her to pick her up and get out with the car. I retrieved the watch and the husband asked me to let them out. I went to the Civil Guard with the registration number and they told me that it was a Romanian family known in Barcelona, who steals a lot in Spain. Living in A CoruŮa has nothing to do with the robbery, but it happened during a moment in which I wasnít playing. That affected me personally, since it was a time when I was out of the rosters, without playing with Garitano. You are in CoruŮa, you are a footballer and you are watching your team on TV. I go out and they tried to steal from me, that affects you. " He added.

Fajr also explained that his goal is to find another club in Spain, ďI love the Spanish league and I never think about money. I know I can go to make money to other places, but I love football. And the one I like the most is Spanish. I want to continue in Spain. Right now, I have nothing, I have a year of contract with Deportivo and we have to find a solution, always respecting the club.Ē



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