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27 Jun 2017
German Lux signed for River Plate, the Argentine goalie leaves Deportivo after playing more than 100 Primera games with the Galicians.

River Plate in Argentina confirmed on Monday the signing of German Lux. The goalkeeper is ending his link with Deportivo on Friday and decided to return to his former club after not receiving a renewal offer from the Galicians. He ends his career in Spain with 106 appearances wearing the Blanquiazul short.

Lux arrived to Deportivo in June of 2010. He arrived as the second choice at the squad behind Aranzubia and stayed in that role for two seasons, after the second relegation to Segunda he became the first choice at the goal and helped to clinch a new promotion to the elite.

In the following three seasons, he was the starting goalie at Deportivo living with ups and down, like what happened in the campaign 2014/15. He suffered an injury during the Colombian tour in the pre-season stage, then the Argentine lacked form and his defence didnt help, and after allowing 19 goals within the first 7 matchdays he was benched. He was replaced by Fabricio, who ended to be one of the best players on that season.

But Fabricio left, so Lux stayed, though not having a convincing performance. In many games of last season, Deportivo allowed goals that seemed avoidable and part of that feeling was related to the fact that Lux left the impression that he could have done better. Luxs stats were deceiving in the campaign that has just ended, because he was making important saves, but normally at that point the team was already losing by one or two goals.

Lux was the starting keeper at the beginning of the league season. Then, he was dropped from the starting role after the debacle in the derby at RC Celta (matchday 09). Then Garitano started to rely in Tytoń, and four months later, when the Polish failed to convince, Lux retuned into the starting formation, but always leaving the same impression. 

The numbers of German Lux at Deportivo:

Season Games played Games as starter minutes yellow cards red cards goals allowed
2011-2012 4 4 360 0 0 2
2012-2013 4 3 315 0 0 1
2013-2014 37 37 3,280 3 0 29
2014-2015 7 7 630 1 0 19
2015-2016 29 29 2557 5 1 38
2016-2017 25 25 2206 5 0 38
Totals 106 105 9,348 14 1 127



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