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22 Dec 2006
Coach Joaqu?n Caparr??s is enjoying his vacations in Sevilla, but his mind is still in La Coru?a. The Utrera-born coach talked with a Galician radio (Radio Coru?a). He analysed several issues including the performance of his squad, the contribution of the veterans and the possible arrival of reinforcements during the winter market.

Caparr??s said that he isn't thinking of quitting despite of the latest results: "I will never leave. With our current contracts and with the project that we have, I will go until the end. We are together in this." Once again, the reporters asked him about reinforcements, the response of Depor's coach was: "The club is working hard on that, we are trying to find a player with the profile that we want, but we must face this situation with serenity."

The Sevillan trainer also recognised that his team is presenting a poor image during the liga games: " I agree that we aren't playing well, we are allowing early goals, and that continues to happen game after game. We are doing a very bad job." He also wanted to ask for patience since some people are expecting to see Valer??n and Andrade as the 'saviors' of the club: "We can't give them extra-responsibilities, because they are already assuming their roll in the locker room."  

Caparr??s also wanted to defend the work done so far by the veterans (Capdevila, Manuel Pablo, Sergio...) Some fans have criticised them, because sometimes they seem to be indifferent: "It's possible to have that impression for the dynamic of results that we are living, but I can assure that they are very involved in the project. Maybe we are missing a more expressive player, but that doesn't mean that the veterans aren't implied."

One of the things that have generated more criticism are the continuos changes in the lineups, a fact that Caparr??s defended: "We are all pissed off, we aren't winning and that's normal. But if you analyse the lineups, you wills see that eight or nine players have been always there. To have one or two out is a logical thing seeing our results. What happens is that when you lose, everything is seen with a magnifying glass ."

Another thing that Depor's coach analysed is the experience that his players possess: "There are some kids that are missing some experience, they aren't used to playing under pressure. Other ones are anxious because they had a starting roll in their previous club, that's the case of Riki, and we have to know how to handle these kind of cases. I heard that people are suggesting the return of Xisco and Rub?n Castro, I also think that both of them would be wonderful additions. But that's easy to be said, because when we were preparing the project, we thought that the best thing was to have them in other clubs, we have to remember that we were counting with Taborda and Bodipo at that time."  

Finally, Caparr??s confirmed that he still has a good relationship with president Lendoiro: "It's a magnificent relationship, we talk a lot and I feel the support from the club. They share the responsibility and the officials will try to bring something according to the profile. We knew that we would suffer, the objectives were established by the president and the board of directors. Everybody should remember that this is a project for the future."

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