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08 Jul 2017
Pedro Mosquera addressed the media on Friday; he talked of the situation with the armband at Deportivo and also of the high competence in his position.

Deportivo are looking for a captain and that figure can be Pedro Mosquera, a player from A Coruña that is the first one to address the media during the new season. During his press conference he explained his status and the one of his team mates in these first days of training, “The feelings are positive, since the first day people are plugged in. The trainings have been fun and, at the same time, very demanding.  The players are fine. I had two phases in the vacation, in the first I was disconnected, later I trained with Iago Iglesias, a former player of the club, and I arrived fine.”

Then he was asked about the possible return of Lucas Pérez to Deportivo, “I don’t know if he will come or not, but we know that Lucas is a very good player. I believe he can be a very good addition, but knowing it will be difficult.”

A subject that will be discussed a lot is the situation with the captains after the exits of Lux and Laure, and he said that, “Laure and Lux left, everybody is thankful for what they have done on here. I lived with them for the last two years, and you see how Laure was in his press conference. It’s a pity to see them leaving, but football is like this.”

“Anyone in A Coruña, knowing it can be the captain of Deportivo La Coruña, means a big hope, but we must know that this issue hasn’t been treated yet. There are people that spent more time on here and I don’t know how they will be elected, but if I can represent the club from my city, then I will try my best.” Mosquera added.

The centre midfielder isn’t concern of the high competence in his position, “As always, I believe that any position is difficult at Primera División, truly there are a lot of people at midfield, but as long as we can have more people, the better. What I want is to see the fans enjoying, to have that connection with the public and since that point and, as long as we have more quality, in all the positions including the goal, defence and attack, the better for all of us.”

Then the Galician player confessed that he feels pretty well with Pepe Mel as the team’s coach, “The relation is good, because it’s true that, since he arrived last year, I wasn’t counting for the other coach and he trusted me, since then I gave my best version and I believe that, since I have been here, the matches in which I had my best performance were with him on board.”

He was also explaining his expectations for this season, “The rivals on last season, especially at the top, added a lot of points, and I believe this year… it’s too soon. What we need to do is to improve what we did on last season, and we are on that. We spent two years saving ourselves at the penultimate matchday, and now I hope we can be better.”

Finally, Pedro Mosquera praised the level of Edu Expósito, the midfielder from Fabril that’s making the pre-season with the first team, “Edu is a great player, he has the potential and is an incredible person. He will adapt quickly to the first team and I believe he has the qualities to stay for a long time at the first team.”



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