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16 Jul 2017
Ruben Martinez is aware that Deportivo are looking for new keepers, but prefers to focus on the pre-season as he targets to end getting a spot in the squad for la liga.

Goalkeeper Rubén Martinez talked to reporters and analyzed the current pre-season. He started talking of his experience with Anderlecht, “The experience was fine, in a football sense I was able to play in Europe, which was I was searching for when I left. I had the chance to play twice against Manchester [United] and I’m glad.”

Then the questions regarding the search for a new keeper begun, he said to be careless as he targets a spot for la liga competition, “I work in order to stay and play and later, if new keepers arrive, it isn’t something worrying me, it’s something of the club. If they think that a new keeper is needed then it will be welcomed. They are the ones in charge. This is football and you don’t know what could happen. If they sign a new keeper he still has to play and let’s see how things are. I cannot be worried of things that are out of my hand.”

The Galician insisted that he is not thinking of leaving, “I want to stay here. If a new keeper arrives I will fight. I am not thinking of what can happen and neither of leaving. I am at home with Deportivo and the hope is at the top.”

About the exit of players like Lux, Laure and Álex, he commented that, “The exit of the captains doesn’t need to be problematic, they know the club and the city, that’s good, but we also have people from the outside that are highly involved, so as long as they are involved there shouldn’t be a problem.”

Finally, Rubén talked of the pre-season stage after one and a half week of work, “Things are starting, we have a lot of lads and they are doing a great pre-season. We are working at the top and learning things from this coach.  We are getting into shape and learning things from the coach. The coach is asking of everything. We are working offensively and defensively, we are working the output of the ball and how to defend. Everything. Each coach has his view of football and we are checking everything.”



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