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30 Jul 2017
The club released on Saturday the composition of the academy teams for the new season, the main novelty is that the number of teams is increased to 14 with the collaboration deal with San Tirso.

Fourteen academy teams will be competing for Deportivo in official tournament during the season 2017/18 (thirteen male teams and one female team). Last season the number was twelve, the reason for the increase in the collaboration deal with San Tirso, this deal will allow two have two Cadete A and two Infantil A squads competing at the same time.

In the case of Cadete A, the team from Depor will be playing at División de Honor and the team from San Tirso at the second tier, Liga Nacional. In the case of Infantil A, both teams will be competing in the same league, but in different groups.

About the other twelve teams, seven are changing the coach. The main news is that Kevin Cabado will be the new coach of Depor Ladies B, while the other major squads, Fabril and Juvenil A, will continue to be directed by Cristóbal Parralo and Rubén Coméndez.

The academy will continue to be directed by Albert Gil, with José Luis Devesa as the chief of scouts. José Antonio Barcala also continues as the director of methodology and planning.

Coaches for the season 2017/18:
Fabril: Cristóbal Parralo
Deportivo Ladies B: Kevin Cabado
Juvenil A: Rubén Coméndez
Juvenil B: Pablo López
Cadete A: Luis Jiménez
Cadete A San Tirso: Rubén Alberto Domínguez
Cadete B: Manuel Maceira
Infantil A: Iván Vázquez
Infantil A San Tirso: Juan Villamisar
Infantil B: José Manuel Arrojo
Alevín A: Roberto Veres
Alevín B: Alberto Suárez
Benjamín A: Pablo Barros
Benjamín B: Álvaro Rodríguez




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