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05 Aug 2017
Pepe Mel admitted contacts with Adrian López, while he saw good things in the game against Real Oviedo despite the goalless score.

Coach Pepe Mel talked to reporters on Friday as he attended to the club’s office in order to renew his subscription as a socio. He talked of the market and the preparation of the team for la liga. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Sent off against Oviedo: “The referees are also in pre-season, they can also make mistakes. We were altered as he came to the bench and menaced us and, no matter it was a friendly, we won’t tolerate it; especially in a training game, but nothing happened.”

The game against Oviedo: “Obviously, beyond the result, I believe we made some things in defence, things that we weren’t able to work in previous games. We were a little better than against Porto, especially since we were more together. We had more intention at the moment of having the ball and need to keep working. We have a strong start in liga and know how we are facing, so we need to be prepared for a series of things that didn’t work against Porto.”

The possible return of Adrián: “Yes, he’s a player with whom I already talked twice, he is open to come. Let’s hope that everything can be sorted. The team needs someone to complement in attack, I don’t want anyone competing with Florin. I want a complement that will make us better. The sporting secretariat is working in that position. It would have been easier to sign the first option that we got, but we are trying to make the right things.”

More than one signing in attack? “Yes, if you allow me to decide, I hope to have the better, but I understand the club and the difficulties at the market. There are clubs entering the market with a big financial potential, while us have to wait to fulfill some things. Obviously, I ask the fans for patience and to rely in the sporting secretariat.”

Preparations for la liga debut: “Right now all the attention is focused in the first game in liga, we aren’t going beyond that game. And the main test for that game is the Teresa Herrera. We have two players that cannot perform against Real Madrid [Çolak and Valverde] and it marks the way to do things, so we will search for the best team with what we currently have.”

Preview of the Teressa Herrera: “The rival is strong and rocky, with very different characteristics to Real Madrid, but it will be a tough task. They don’t give anything for free and have strong players in set-pieces. It will be a good test.”

Edu Expósito: “He played on last season, he had the chance to play when we were playing for important things. No matter the age of the player, I believe he can do good things.”

Róber: “I had a conversation with Róber and told him that I was counting with him, he is the future of Depor, but he thought that his options were bigger in Levante, but you should know that I would have loved to have him, because he would have helped us.”



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