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02 Sep 2017
Lucas Pérez completed the medicals on Friday, the Galician striker talked to the media and expressed his satisfaction for returning home.

On Friday, Lucas Pérez completed the medicals and finally joined Deportivo. He talked to reporters and expressed his satisfaction for returning to A Coruña, “It’s a happy day, I spent many happy days on here. This is the third time in which I return to A Coruña and the true is that I am content as everything was fixed. I am happy to be here as this is the place where I wanted to be.”

He explained the tense negotiating with Arsenal, “I had patience, there was no other way. I was at the hotel in London waiting to unblock the situation. I was logically impatient, because I was wanting to start and work.” It was something to understand, they paid lot of money for me and they also search for the best. It was what they transmitted to me, in the end everything was fixed with patience. I don’t move for money, for me the move to Arsenal was a good one despite not having the chances that I deserved.”

“Their intention was to see me going to another club and closed deals with several clubs, but I showed them that my only intention was to return to Deportivo. There was a point in which everything was complicated and want to talk to Tino in order to see what he did in order to unblock the situation. I have the right to decide where I want to be and in the end Arsenal understood it. The last three days in the market I talked to several sporting directors and coaches.” He added.

Then the striker talked of the goals for the season “The goal is to be saved as soon as possible and reach the national team, which is the thing that brings more hope to me. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the only goal, we must try to be saved as soon as possible. I see that they worked hard in the market, I see a good squad, I see that Fede [Cartabia] is back and hope that we will be saved as soon as possible.”

The Galician admitted the lack of match fitness, but said that’s ready to compete, “I am fine, evidently I didn’t make the best pre-season in my life, but I am fine. I hope to enter as soon as possible I need match fitness and I am ready to start now.”

Finally, Lucas talked of Pepe Mel and Andone, his partner for the striking zone, “I already know him [Mel], he made me debut when I was at Rayo, in that sense I am content for been again with him. About Andone, he is a great striker, I met him when I was here. He has scored great and important goals, it will be a pretty striking line.” 




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