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10 Oct 2017
Luisinho has extended his contract with Deportivo for two additional years, it means the Portuguese left-back is staying until the year 2020.

Luis Carlos Correia Pinto ‘Luisinho’ has signed a contract extension. The left-back announced in previous weeks that both parties were open to fulfill a new deal and the club made the official announcement on Monday. He has signed a new deal lasting until the year 2020 (he will be 35 at the time).

It is the second renewal signed by Luisinho since his arrival in 2013. The first campaign of the Portuguese defender at the club was so good that only one year later he was signing a new deal lasting until the summer of 2018. But the following years were difficult for him due to disciplinary reasons.

At the end of the season 2014/15, he had a little fight with Juan Carlos, and in August of 2015 there was a new confrontation, this time he and Alejandro Arribas had a fight in a training session, the player was fined and the club decided to get rid of him, so he was put in the transfer window, president Tino Fernández even said that his exit was necessary for the stability at the club, and the player’s agent, Jorge Teixeira, had strong words towards former coach Víctor Sánchez, who later also criticized both men in the last press conference of that campaign.

But the transfer was never fulfilled and later former coach Gaizka Garitano told the club he didn’t see any problems if he was going to stay. Two years later, everything is completely different. Luisinho is now a fixed starter and has been one of the best players in this start of season. The left-back, his agent and Depor’s president were present during the announcement of the deal and there was no sign of hate for the things that happened in the past.

During the presentation, the president even referred to Luisinho as a “loved” player of Deportivo, “This is happy news: the renewal of a special and loved player like Luisinho. He will be with us during this season and two additional campaigns. We even renewed his son, and who knows if his renewal is more important [he laughed]” The president stated.

Luisinho also talked about his renewal, “I am content to see that one of my goals have been fulfilled. It’s a satisfaction to be able to stay here for two more years. I always pursued happiness at Deportivo. When I arrived, the financial situation was difficult, I knew it was a risk, but I’m happy. The change was always better. I always had a special love for this club, I always demonstrated it and fought hard to stay here. You never know, but one of my goals is to end my career at Deportivo. If I’m end my career on here, I would love to stay attached to Deportivo. After so many years, the normal thing is to stay. I’m happy to be able to enjoy football” 

The left-back also talked of the past incidents at the club, “We all are human, we make mistakes. I recognize it and I’m a different person compared to two years ago. I must thank Garitano, because without his confidence, I wouldn’t be here. Part of this renewal is deserved by him. Sometimes football is unfair. Today is true and tomorrow is a lie. Things were calmed with the passing of time. “

Finally, Teixeira talked of Luisinho’s priorities, “I have spent twelve years as an agent and never saw a player so determined of staying at a club. I received proposals from other clubs, but he didn’t want to have those meetings. After everything that happened, we are meeting two professionals: Luisinho as a footballer and the president as a leader.”

The liga career of Luisinho at Depor:

Season Games played Games as starter minutes yellow cards red cards goals assists
2013-2014 31 30 2,636 7 2 3 4
2014-2015 35 34 2,991 10 1 0 1
2015-2016 20 11 1,089 5 1 0 0
2016-2017 26 20 1,907 6 0 0 2
2017-2018 7 7 560 3 0 1 1
Totals 119 102 9,183 31 4 4 8



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