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13 Oct 2017
Juanfran Moreno conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia, the right-back talked of the current moment of a team with big problems winning on the road, he also tried to explain why Depor allow so many goals.

Q: The team allows a lot of goals.
A: I think it's a psychological issue. It has happened to us so many times, that we go out fearing it will happen again. Then, without realizing it, you go back, ignoring the orders of the coach, who sends us to put a high pressure. And, that's when they go and score. We have to start doing from the beginning what the coach asks us. Only then can we fix this.

Q: If anything seems certain in Eibar is that the rival will push from the start.
A: It's clear. That's why I say that once and for all we have to change the chip and do what the coach wants. On the day of Getafe, for example, we all knew what we were playing and the team was very safe from the start. There is no need to fear, we must play with courage. The team is doing things very well, but we have to do them for longer and not just a few minutes. The results are also penalizing us. For example, against Espanyol we conceded two goals, it was then that we were released and we started to play very well. We could have even equalized it, but we paid dearly for the effort made. The over-effort to compensate for the lost minutes will lead you to make mistakes and in the end, you will get an excessively negative result.

Q: How do we have to go out in Ipurúa?
A: Well, we must face the game in the same way as the one in Gijon, when we achieved the first and only away victory of the season. We are preparing the game well, doing a lot of physical work. We are going to be strong. The exit to Eibar is very important, because there we can break the negative streak outside home, add nine of the last twelve points in dispute, get in with ten and tap on the table.

Q: You don’t look very upset about the situation.
A: We'd like to be much better. Of course, we would. But neither we are too bad. And out of relegation. If you look at the standings you will see that we have seven points. But we won the games we had to win. Since I've been here, in several seasons we didn’t start badly, but then, the key encounters, we didn’t get them. Last year, for example, we made a good start. But then came the game with Leganés and they defeated us and, Alavés, tied with us. This year, we won once and later beat Getafe, who for a long time wasn’t losing with us.

Q: But the team doesn’t convey confidence.
A: We need peace of mind. You have to be realistic and see that there are very important players who have arrived late and the team will grow. I'm sure we will grow up and with Pepe Mel as a coach. We will go over and the coach will finish the season and we are going to make a great final. I think there’s enough team to play better and be better. But, with calm, because we are in day seven and a lot still ahead. Patience. People pay a lot of money to see us, so you have the right to whistle if you don’t like what you see.

Q: Why are you so far from last year's Juanfran?
A: That's a misperception. I've always had a hard time getting into the season. The year of Víctor Fernández I didn’t appear until the game against Valencia. Last season I got injured in day 4 and it took me a while to be at my level. And in this campaign, I'm not good at the moment, but from this break, the second of each campaign, it’s when I start to find myself better. It means that people expect more from me and it encourages me to get up the next day and work harder to give the best.

Q: You are used the attack by the sides continuously in order to release a cross. Wouldn’t it be better to select the crosses more properly?
A: There is no point in getting to the bottom and then go back again. When you arrive you have to focus. Unless you are in a team, like Barca, with great passing game, the full-back has to release the cross. You talk of making better decisions, and I don’t agree, because the one who makes a cross good is always the striker. That’s the partner receiving and scoring the goal, he is the one marking the quality of the cross, not the other way around. Look the other day, with the national team, Odriozola released a cross, it was too high, but Thiago showed up and scored a great goal, so the cross was looking good.  We have good people for the aerial game like Adrián, Borges or Andone. We must take advantage of it.

Q: But sometimes we see that the striker arrives very forced.
A: With more reason, if you arrive forced, you cannot turn back, you have to focus.



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