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17 Oct 2017
The coach and the players were satisfied with the point, but are also conscious that Depor could have added more. Mendlibar is worried for the lack of tranquility among his players.

Coach Pepe Mel was analyzing the game, “I believe there are several positive notes. Not only the point. It’s what to counts, but I saw the team matching the intensity of Eibar and it was what we were asking for. You are dead in this field if you give the ball and commit mistakes, and that’s what we did well. In the first half we had the game in one hand, but missed the last pass. We had like five or six opportunities in which the last pass failed. In the second part, the push by Eibar made us play differently, but we knew how to defend properly.”

About the debut of Francis, the Madrilenian trainer commented the issue, “Each coach needs to make decisions, and I will be a bad coach if I don’t detect the needs of the team. I don’t look if he is 18 or 40. He’s a player that, at his 18, and without speaking Spanish fluently, brought tranquility to the team. He transmits confidence and why to expect for more? He was supported by the team and I am happy for Depor, because he is an asset for the future. If today’s performance by Francis wouldn’t have been good then they would have said that the coach is crazy.”

He was also asked if this point is good or not, and the response was, “It doesn’t matter. The point is there. You cannot go back, we missed the last pass in the first part, if we would have made one good pass in the last stretch then we will be talking of something different. In the second half things were different, the effort by Eibar pushed us back, but we neither suffered. We were coming from winning two of the last three games, so neither is bad for us as the start in liga was complicated.”

Finally, Mel believes the team is improving, “I sincerely believe that we made a good game before Alavés. I saw a good team against Getafe, deserving to win. And today we understood properly the game, but the pressure by Eibar in the second part changed the meeting, so it was the expected game. I was more content with the performance in the first part.”

Celso Borges is conscious of the poor away numbers for Depor, “We would love to cut the streak of not winning away from home, but later, when the team fights, it helps and this point could turn to be important for the second round. It’s tough, the away number aren’t favourable at all, but it is what it is. We are motivated to cut the streak.”

The midfielder also commented the problems that Depor had to pass the ball in offensive positions, “Perhaps we were too hurried in the last pass, but our intention was… what happens is that the rival also influences. You go out searching for the right pass in the middle or in the wings, because you need balance.  The important thing is to reach the rival’s area with a lot of people.”

Juanfran was content with the point and especially with the clean sheet, “It doesn’t taste bad, because, for us, to have a clean sheet in this start of season is a success. It was hard to not concede. It is hard and we know that, if we are able to cut the bleeding, with the power we have up front, we will end up winning the games, and it will help us to grow a lot. Today we were imprecise with the last pass, the pitch didn’t help, and we would have won if we would have been effective in some plays.”

“Sincerely, defensively, this has been our best game. I believe the team was well planted, it fought for the secondary plays and we are content for that, because there were games in which the impression left isn’t the expected one, though we want to win and it was a pity that we couldn’t do it.” The right-back added.

The player that wasn’t content with the result was Raúl Albentosa, who debuted on this season, “The true is that we aren’t leaving content with the point. We played in order to add the three, but this field is tough. We clinched a clean sheet and had our opportunities. A lot still ahead and the point is only good for the three added against Getafe. It will be better if we win the next game.”

At SD Eibar, coach Jose Luis Mendilibar is worried as his team isn’t feeling comfortable during the games, "We are in a great hurry and we are ending in offside for no reason, we are in a hurry and without that needed tranquility, it isn’t easy to win. We have achieved a point, so it’s fine.”

We haven’t had peace of mind to move the ball, and that’s what we have to get, to do more damage with the side defenders and to see the midfielders participate more. I see the players nervous on the field, wanting to do things, but in the training sessions it’s different, it's not an uneasiness about the results, but an anxiety about trying to get things right, to do the right things.” He added. 




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