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02 Nov 2017
Fabril committed errors in the first half and leaked two goals for the first time on the season, but a furious reaction in the second part worth a point.

Rubén Coméndez stayed as the coach (he will be in the job at least until the weekend). There were good news as Quique Fornos and Luis Fernández were back. The players out injured were Caballo, Steve One and Bicho. Midfielder Edu Expósito wasn’t picked for the game and trained early in the day with the first team.

The lineup was a 4-2-3-1 with Francis covering the goal, Blas Alonso performed at the right-back position, Gaizka Martínez and Raúl González were the centre-backs, Lucas Viña performed at the left. Carlos López and Álvaro Queijeiro were the centre midfielders, Óscar García attacked from the right wing. Jorge Romay was the playmaker, Borja Galán performed on the left flank and Jardel was the centre forward.

The rival was Pontevedra CF, team that was at the edge of the relegation, but in an ascending line after winning four of the previous six games. Coach Luisito is heavily questioned by the fans and played with David Añon up front, the ex-Fabril had netter seven goals before this game.

It was an entertaining game at Pasarón. Pontevedra CF had three chances in the first half and netted twice, later it defended as it could before a hurricane and Fabril got a deserved draw thanks to a goal scored in extra time.

The game started with both sides trying to attack, the first approximation for Fabril was a cross from Borja Galán that didn’t find a receiver (4’). Meanwhile, David Añon had a couple of appearances within the first ten minutes, but he didn’t find anyone to combine.

At minute 11, Etxaniz fired from the edge of the area, the ball hit Raúl González and went out. Later Depor’s lads started to suffer due to their lack of accuracy in the passes, so the ball was spending more time in the boots of Pontevedra, though the locals lacked depth.

Borja Galán had a chance in a direct free-kick, but he sent the ball wide (19’). Despite lacking scoring opportunities, the game was entertaining, mainly as both sides were moving the ball fast. At minute 25, a bad goal kick by local keeper Edu Sousa ended in the boots of Romay, but the playmaker didn’t end the play properly when he had other options before the goal.

Just a couple of minutes later, Francis committed a foul as he was chasing Jorge inside the area. The referee whistled the penalty and David Añon scored from the spot. The goal gave impulse to Pontevedra and the second goal could have arrived in the next play through a mid-distance shot of Álex González that was blocked by Francis.

But Fabril had a proper reaction and scored the equalizer seizing a local error, Romay released the cross from the right and, after the doubts from defender Mongil, Jardel met the ball at the far post to score from close range.

The game turned to be highly entertaining, both sides were attacking and the ball was going from one side to the other in a matter of seconds. Óscar was pretty active for the visiting side, while Prosi was giving a lot of problems to Fabril’s defence.

And Pontevedra CF was going to reach the break with the advantage after a new goal from Añón, Álex González released a low cross from the left that the ex-Fabril met at the far post. At least two defenders could have deflected the cross, but they didn’t react in time. For the first time on the season the B squad of Deportivo was allowing two goals in the same game.

Fabril started the second half attacking, Óscar had the first opportunity with a deflected chance that passed close to the post (47’). In these minutes Borja Galán took control of the team as the attacking moves were passing through his boots.

The visiting side had three chances within minutes 50 and 55, first Jardel didn’t arrive in time to meet a cross from Queijeiro, then Bruno was close to score an own goal, and in the resulting corner-kick Queijeiro missed the target from the edge of the area.

Fabril were clearly deserving the draw and only Edu Sousa was preventing it, at minute 59 he denied Jardel, and in the resulting corner-kick he did the same before Óscar.  The first substitution at Fabril was the entry of Uxío Dapena for Romay.

The playmaker was missing accuracy in the passes and Coméndez preferred to add gunpowder and switch the draw into a 4-4-2. The second change was the entry of Ismael Díaz for Jardel, the Portuguese picked an injury and had to be replaced.

The first –and only- chance for Pontevedra CF in the second half was a direct free-kick of Prosi that was blocked by Francis (73’). Two minutes later Edu made a new key save, this time before Uxío. Fabril were deserving at least the draw after been a hurricane in the second part, but Óscar and Ismael Díaz were too imprecise.

Luis Fernández was the last substitution as he replaced Borja Galán and Fabril found the deserved equalizer in the stoppage time. Lucas Viña combined with Ismael Díaz at the left side of the area, the Panamanian made a short cross that  Óscar met at the box to net the goal.

Fabril rescued a point in which Pontevedra CF seized their chances in the first part to claim the lead, later Depor’s lads pushed hard and had countless chances and the equalizer arrived in the stoppage time. Fabril are now second after Fuenlabrada managed to win. On Sunday the team returns to Abegondo and hosts Gimnástica Segoviana (12h00 CET).

Pontevedra: (4-2-3-1) Edu Sousa – Mongil, David Castro (Adrián León 61’), Goldar, Bruno – Álex Fernández, Álex González – Jorge (Carlos Ramos 70’), Echaniz, Prosi – David Añon (Marcos Álvarez 82’).
Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Francis - Blas, Gaizka Martínez, Raúl González, Lucas Viña – Queijeiro, Carlos López – Óscar, Romay (Uxío 67’), Borja Galán (Luis Fernández 76’) – Jardel (Ismael Díaz 70’).
Goals: 1-0: (28’) Añón (penalty), 1-1: (32’) Jardel, 2-1: (44’) Añon, 2-2: (90+1') Óscar
Referee: Leandro Carbajales Gómez. He showed yellow card to Mongil (19’), Francis (27’), Borja Galán (66’), Bruno (67’) & Edu Sousa (75’).
Venue: Pasarón (500)




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