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06 Nov 2017
Poor game at Abegondo, Fabril never knew how to surpass a rival that was defensive in the first part, and that deserved more in the second.

Rubén Coméndez recovered Edu Expósito for the game. The midfielder was picked for the game against Atlético Madrid but didn’t have any minute. Luis Fernández was rested as he is still recovering. The players out injured were Caballo, Steve One and Bicho.

The lineup was a 4-2-3-1 with Álex Cobo covering the goal, Blas Alonso performed at the right-back position, Gaizka Martínez and Raúl González were the centre-backs, Lucas Viña performed at the left. Edu Expósito and Álvaro Queijeiro were the centre midfielders, Óscar García attacked from the right wing. Jorge Romay was the playmaker, Borja Galán performed on the left flank and Uxío Dapena was the centre forward.

The rival was Gimnástica Segoviana CF, a club from Castile & Leon that arrived to Abegondo with only one win on the season, but with a streak of six matches without defeats after chaining five straight draws. Coach Abraham García was relying in Dani Calleja up front (4 goals on the season). Ex-Fabril Alberto Leira was a starter in the game.

Thick performance by Fabril. The lads lacked speed and ideas before a solid rival that never suffered. Things were worse in the second part as Segoviana could have scored I a couple of good chances. Even keeper Álex Cobo didn’t have his best game.

The first approximation in the game was for the locals. Lucas Viña made the run on the left wing and his cross into the box wasn’t reached by Uxío (5’). Fabril kept a high pressure over the visiting side, for this reason it had the ball, but later it wasn’t creating scoring opportunities.

The first chance to score came at minute 20; Edu Expósito took a lateral free-kick and his cross was headed by Romay inside the box, but his attempt missed the target. But the game followed the same script after this isolated play, with a Fabril unable to break the defensive wall, while Gimnástica Segoviana were feeling content holding the goalless draw.

Neither Óscar nor Borja Galán were finding the way to overflow on the sides, and Romay was well marked, so Uxío wasn’t finding the ball. The first half ended without shots on target.

The second half started with an error of Álex Cobo, the keeper tried to clear the ball at the edge of the area, but ended conceded a corner-kick (46’). The script was the same in this part: The locals had the ball, but later were unable to break the deadlock.

Then Gimnástica Segoviana CF started to grow and were having the opportunities. At minute 53, Dani Calleja missed the target in a direct free-kick (53’). One minute later the visiting side was unable to seize a bad clearance of Álex Cobo when they had the numeric advantage at the edge of the area.

Coméndez saw that his team was losing midfield territory and ordered the first substitution. Carlos López replaced Romay. In the next play a new error by Álex Cobo almost cost the first goal.

The keeper made a bad pass and the ball was collected by substitute Fernán at the edge of the area, but later the keeper fixed the error blocking the shot from the attacker. That was the first shot on target in the game (58’).

The second substitution was the entry of Ismael Díaz for Óscar. In the next play Gaizka Martínez didn’t find the ball inside the box after a lateral free-kick. Fabril started to improve and Uxío had the first shot on target for his team after an individual move that left him alone before visiting goalie Pablo Barbero (57’).

The keeper deflected the ball and, in the resulting corner-kick, Uxío appeared again and headed the ball over the crossbar. But Segoviana were still having the best opportunities, at minute 73, Hernán couldn’t end properly a counterattack and sent the ball out from the edge of the area. One minute later the same attacker missed the target with a crossed shot from the right corner of the area.

The last substitution of Fabril was the entry of Jardel for Queijeiro.  The three changes made were in order to refresh the attack, but none of them had a positive impact as the locals were unable to break the deadlock.

The most exciting minute in the game was the last one. First Anel headed a ball after a corner-kick for Gimnástica Segoviana, and Álex Cobo made a brilliant save. In the counterattack Ismael Díaz assisted Borja Galán inside the box, but the crossed shot from the attacker just passed close to the far post.

Bad game by Fabril. The team had the ball possession in the first half and in the second it suffered before a rival that had some good chances. Only three shots on target in the whole match, two of them were made by the rival. Fabril remain second at the standings. The next game is the visit to AD Unión Adarve (Sunday, 17h00 CET).

#Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Álex Cobo - Blas, Gaizka Martínez, Raúl González, Lucas Viña – Queijeiro (Jardel 81’), Edu Expósito – Óscar (Ismael Díaz 64’), Romay (Carlos López 58’), Borja Galán – Uxío.
Gimnastica Segoviana: (4-2-3-1) Pablo Barbero – Chupo, Anel, Javi Marcos, Borja – Manu, Domingo – Asier, Alberto Leira (Quino 72’), Calleja (Fernán 46’) – Dani Arribas (Ivi García 83’)
Referee: Pablo Fernández. He showed yellow card to Rúben Yubero (19’), Óscar (50’), Raúl González (52’), Alberto Leira (69’), Quino (77’) & Manu (88’)
Venue: Abegondo (600)





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