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14 Nov 2017
On Sunday, Fabian Schär secured his participation in the World Cup. Deportivo will at least have two men in Russia 2018, a contribution that will allow to cash, at least, €288,000 from FIFA.

At the end of October, FIFA released a statement for the national federations, it was to inform about the rules for the distribution of compensations to the clubs for allowing the participation of their players in the qualification and final round of Russia 2018.

The global amount is increasing with each World Cup, for South Africa 2010 the amount was €34 million, in Brazil 2014 it was €60 million, now the amount for Russia 2018 is the triple: €180 million. What FIFA does is distribute the money equally among each player, but always taking in mind the number of days that they spend in the final tournament.

For each day spend in the final tournament a club has the right to collect €7,378.45 for every player that’s part of the roster of the national team. So, the number of days depend of how long a country can last in the tournament, always taking in mind that it includes the window of 14 days before the tournament begins, a period in which a club is forced to release the player.

If a player and his country are eliminated in the first round, it will end spending 26 days with the national team, so the compensation to his club will be €191,839.70 (26 days x €7,378.45). For ending the run in the last-32 round the amount is €228,732. Last-16 round is €273,002. Semifinals is €302,516. The game of the third place is €$332,030, and the final means €339,409 for 46 days in the tournament.

Also to have in mind that the money is distributed among the clubs in which each player spent the previous two seasons before the tournament is played, this since this is the window in which the qualifying games were played. This means that a player that changed club at the beginning of the previous season will bring benefit to at least two clubs.

In the case of Deportivo, the Galician club has two players with a secure spot in Russia 2018. One is Celso Borges, who is one of the captains on Costa Rica and that secured his spot back in October.  The other is Fabian Schär, who is a fixed started with Switzerland, country that secured the ticket on Sunday facing Northern Ireland in the UEFA playoff.

Borges will bring €191,839.70 to Deportivo, while Schär will add the half of this amount (€95,919.50), this since the defender arrived to Depor at the beginning of this season. It means that Deportivo will at least collect €287,758.50 from the World Cup.

The amount could be bigger, not only if Switzerland and Costa Rica advance to further stages, but also if other players are picked, but that’s uncertain for now. A third player could be Fede Valverde. He debuted with Uruguay in October and, for now, there are good chances that he could be picked to for the final stage in Russia.

Depor could even cash money with a player that’ isn’t at the squad anymore: Fayçal Fajr. Morocco secured their ticket during the weekend and, despite the midfielder isn’t a starter in recent games, he normally plays. Fajr entered the field at the last minute of the 2-0 win at Ivory Coast and has changes to be picked for the World Cup.  Depor would get €95,919.50 as he was picked during last season on a regular basis

Other international players have a tougher scenario. Veteran Przemysław Tytoń seems to be out of the plans in Poland, while young players Francis Uzoho (Nigeria) and Ismael Díaz (Panama) have to fight for a spot in the final squad. Even harder will be to see a Depor’s player playing with Spain, especially taking in mind the poor season of the team at Primera.



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