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15 Nov 2017
Striker Lucas Pérez is conscious that Málaga are urgently needing the points, but also said that Depor need the win too, and that the last victory at Las Palmas reinforced the spirit of the team.

Lucas Pérez addressed the media after Tuesday’s session, the striker believes that the international break is good for Deportivo, “We are willing to play after the break, these were two long weeks and we are willing to play, especially before a rival that’s not doing a good job on this year. It’s a complicate game as they need to win, but we too. For us it is good to know the patterns of the coach, and we have been working on that during these weeks.”

He was happy to see his friend Luis Alberto picked to the national team, at the same time he is not sad for not been picked too, “You need to earn it, logically. Lopetegui is giving the chances to the players that are doing a great job in their leagues and you have to earn it.”

About the rival, the Galician is conscious of the importance of the meeting, “Both sides need to win. They are at home and will go out in order to bite, but we are working hard in order to win the game and get the three points.”

“Both sides need to win, logically when you play with the anxiety against you then it is difficult. We need to play our game, it is difficult field and we need to play with that. We are traveling there in order win as we did at Las Palmas. This week will be crucial in order to know what we need to do in order to counter their game. In the inside we know that we can win games at home and also on the road.” He added.

About the arrival of Cristóbal Parralo, Lucas said that the coach has been polishing the positioning of the players, “The main thing was to fix the errors that the coach thought we had.  He has been trying to introduce concepts and these two weeks were great to us. We are working at the top in order to prepare the game. The coach has worked more the pressure upfront and the defensive work, this in order to see the three lines closer to each other, because it is where he saw the main errors.”

A reporter asked about Florin Andone and his current role on the bench, and Lucas said that, “I speak a lot to him. I met him last year and what I said is that he should remain calm. He is a great player and we will need him throughout the year. The days he came from the bench he scored goals. He is a great striker and he knows it. These are moments when the coach decides some things. It isn’t pleasant, but it is what it is.”

He was explaining the reason why Málaga CF are the bottom club, “Many teams are reinforced well, they made good signings and later things didn’t work out. With Pepe Mel we had the same team that we have now and things didn’t work out. In football there are situations in which you can have added more points, but it didn’t happen. Málaga have a great team and made good reinforcements, though they also lost important players. I believe they missed too many players and it is what’s happening to them right now.”

Finally, Lucas told reporters that the squad doesn’t have a target of points to be added in the remaining of the first round, “We don’t have a target, we only think of going to Málaga and get the three points. You cannot work only seen the long shot, thinking of Athletic and Barcelona. You cannot skip the rivals, so we need to be focused in the next game. All the rivals work at the top and it is same which rivals are you facing.”



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