17 Nov 2017
Zakaria Bakkali conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia, the Belgian winger still thinks that Deportivo have enough quality to end the season among the top ten positions.

Q: Do you still believe that Deportivo have enough squad to finish among the top ten?
A: If you look at Lucas, at Fede, at «olak... for me they are all great players. How are we not going to be among the top ten?

-Q: And what have you done so far with these great players?
A: I donít know. We have to work together. We have to know ourselves more, understand how our teammates play. And as soon as this happens, I'm sure things will get better. For sure.

Q: Do you mean that as a team you havenít worked?
A: We have to know how we play. We have to know how Lucas or Fede play. In depth or at the foot. With training and hard work everything will gradually be better. Because for me we have a great team... AdriŠn... [making a gesture while raising his eyebrows and showing his palms]

Q: In theory, you all are very good. The problem arrives on the field.
A: It will be better. For sure. I am convinced.

Q: What can you win and what can you lose on Sunday?
A: We're going to win the game. We train very hard this week, this in order to go there and win.

Q: It has crossed your mind that you can go back to the situation before the game against Las Palmas?
A: But we donít think about that. We only think about this game and prepare it to win. Only that.

Q: What has Cristůbal asked you in the week without matches?
A: Intensity. We have done many small-field games, one-on-one and two-on-two. Today we are all a little tired, itís normal. Tomorrow we will lower the intensity a little.

Q: So is the football of Depor going to be faster and more intense?
A: I donít know. For me the only thing that has changed is the scheme. We play 4-3-3 and there are more players who feel comfortable. There are players who donít, but others do.

Q: I understand that you now feel more comfortable.
A: I always, all my life, I played 4-3-3. Only three weeks before coming here, in Valencia with Marcelino, we played 4-4-2, but for me itís more difficult.

Q: Do you think that, with this system, you will be able to contribute what you came to give to Depor?
A: I'm sure I can do much more. I am learning and improving, I am not a very experienced player, I am 21 and little by little I will be able to help the team and reach my one hundred percent.

Q: And with goals?
A: Yes, with goals, assists, defensive and offensive work, everything. Everything I can do, I'm going to do it here.

A:  For goals you will have to sharpen your aim.
A: We are going to work and go little by little. If I score once, then you have more confidence and more will enter, then everything will look better.

Q: Do you think that you are too hurried in the plays or that you should be less individualistic?
A: I donít think much about that. What worries me is that the team can win. I only worry about this. If I score, it's good for me and if we win it's better, because it's good for everyone.

Q: When can you give your best version?
A: I want it to be very fast. I feel that very little is missing. If I play games, it will be like that, because it's not the same as just training. In Valencia I spent two years with a lot of training and little play, but here I train a lot and I also have games.

Q: What do you think you have to improve?
A: Everything. A player needs everything: to finish with the head, how to defend, how to attack, to go deep, or to the foot. Everything you can improve.

Q: You have scored twice in Primera, both with Valencia, have you thought of a number for this season?
A: If score six or seven, I will be happy, but the important thing for me is to win games. If we win all, I will be happy. And if we play well I would think: we've always had character. Also before.

Q: In what is the coach insisting?
A That the players on the wings can play very open and at the centre we leave the centre midfielders. Thatís the place of Pedro Mosquera, «olak, Fede Valverde, Celso Borges, Guilherme, and we are very open to do the one-on-one plays, or if Luisinho joins in, then two for one.

Q: And what have you also won in terms of character in the field?
A: I think we've always had character. Before too. We have always been together, all united and if things go wrong, then itís bad for everyone. I, at least yes, sure. I have behaved the same before and now.

Q: Your Valencia is on vogue.
A: This year itís a very strong team and the coach works a lot, so you can see how the team is doing.

Q: Are you surprised of this after the last seasons, they are now second?
A: Normally Valencia is in those positions: second, third, fourth... But this year I only look at Deportivo. Of course I see the matches of Valencia, but I am more worried about Deportivo.

Q: In the last matchdays you have faced very offensive side defenders and you barely allowed them to join the attack. Do you expect to do the same with Rosales on Sunday?
A: I donít care who is going to play there. I know I can help the team and if I do it well, then it's good for me and the team, but if I do it badly I have to learn and improve.

Q: Do you dream of going to the World Cup with Belgium?
A: Sure, but first I have to work hard, score many goals and assists. And, in addition, there are great players in my position, such as Mertens or Carrasco. I have to do very well now and here.

Q: With what achievement would you be happy at the end of the season?
A: If we finish in the tenth place or above, it would mean that we have done very well. For me itís that.



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