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20 Nov 2017
Deserved victory for a Fabril that played good football again. Edu Expósito lead the team and Ismael Díaz scored a brace.

Gustavo Munúa was having a squad full of casualties. The latter was Óscar García, who picked an injury during the week. At least Caballo, Steve One and Romay were returning from their injuries, while Francis Uzoho and Ismael Díaz were back from international duties. Still, the casualties of Carlos López, Lucas Viña, Luis, Bicho and Luismi forced the coach to pick three players from Juvenil A: Alejandro Pais ‘Sito’, Ortuño and Jorge Valín, the latter was even a starter.

The lineup was a 4-2-3-1 figure with Francis covering the goal, Blas Alonso performed at the right-back position, Quique Fornos and Raúl González were the centre-backs, Valín performed at the left. Edu Expósito and Álvaro Queijeiro were the centre midfielders, Borja Galán attacked from the right wing. Martín Bengoa was the playmaker, Ismael Díaz performed on the left flank and Uxío Dapena was the centre forward.

Atlético Madrid B arrived to the meeting in an ascending line after spending five straight games without defeats. Coach Óscar Fernández was relying in Manny Alexander, a playmaker improvised as a centre forward.

Good performance by Fabril, the lads were superior to a rival that only had the resource of the tackles, but the expectation stayed until the end as the last two goals were scored within the last five minutes. Edu Expósito lead the team.

The first approximation in the game was for the visiting side, a cross from the left was poorly measured by Francis, but Juan Moreno wasn’t able to connect the ball (2’). One minute later Borja Galán could have scored in a direct free-kick in which his shot passed close to the near post of visiting goalie Diego Conde.

With the passage if the minutes the locals claimed the ball possession and the next opportunity was for Ismael Díaz, who couldn’t head the ball at the far post after a cross from the right as a defender cleared the danger (13’). Two minutes later the same player was missing the target firing from the left corner of the box.

And then Fabril found the first goal in the game. It was a long ball that Diego Conde had under control at the edge of the area, but the goalie didn’t clear the ball properly and Uxío Dapena was faster enough to dribble the keeper and made a touch directing the ball into the goal line.  A defender cleared the ball there, but the referee gave the goal despite the protests from the visiting side.

Atlético B were still trying to attack, just two minutes after the goal Olabe attempted from the edge of the area and Francis cleared the ball over the crossbar. Fabril were looking very dangerous with Ismael Díaz coming behind Uxío, at minute 32 the Panamanian headed the ball after a cross from the left. Eight minutes later he was heading a corner-kick and a defender cleared the danger.

Fabril could have scored the second goal just one minute before the break, again with Ismael Díaz as the star in the play. Uxío collected a high cross from the left when he was inside the area, he assisted the Panamanian, and his low shot was miraculously saved by Diego Conde.

The second part started with Atlético trying to push upfront, it allowed Fabril to have more fluency in attack as the attackers had plenty of room as soon they passed the first line of pressure, a lot of this had to do with the presence of Edu Expósito, who was controlling the traffic of the ball. At minute 50, Ismael Díaz couldn’t connect the ball after a short cross from Borja Galán.

Atlético B should have scored the equalizer at minute 60, this after a counterattack that left Salomon alone before Francis, but his drilling and crossed shot missed the target. Fabril were playing with fire, the lads had enough chances to score a second goal and the narrow score was now the menace.

That second goal for the locals could have arrived at minute 64, but Uxío sent the ball out after a cross from Borja Galán, his header just passed inches away from the far post, or it could have arrived with the shot from Edu Expósito that was blocked by Diego Conde (66’).

Fabril scored at minute 67, but it was disallowed for a clear offside of Uxío. Again Ismael Díaz was attempting from inside the area, his shot was blocked by the keeper and Uxío collected the loose ball when he was offside.

Valín had to be replaced after picking an injury, Steve One claimed his spot.  Atlético B were a rude team and it deserved more cards of the ones shown by the keeper. The second substitution was the entry of Romay for Martín Bengoa. Atlético B didn’t give any problem within the last fifteen minutes and instead Fabril finally found the goals that deserved before.

And it was Ismael Diaz who scored both goals. In the first Borja Galán drilled the ball between three defenders and the Panamanian scored despite the effort from Conde, just one minute later Edu Expósito stole the ball and allowed Uxío to face the keeper one-on-one, and he preferred the assist and witness how Díaz was pushing the ball in. The last substitution was the entry of Jardel for Uxío, though the Portuguese ended injured after a tough tackle.

Fabril returned to winning ways and it did it with class despite the rude game from the rival. Edu Expósito lead the team and Ismael Díaz scored a brace. Depor’s lads remain second at the standings and on Saturday they visit Celta B in the first derby of the season (Saturday, 16h00 CET).

Comments by Munúa: “The team competed at the top, we were always in the game. We had the possession and knew how to handle it. They are dangerous in the counterattack and the team was alert, we are content with the performance of the team. We were a little pressed for the past results and today we made a great game before a great rival. It paves the road.”

Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Francis - Blas, Fornos, Raúl González, Valín (Steve One 69’) – Queijeiro, Edu Expósito – Borja Galán, Martín Bengoa (Romay 80’), Ismael Díaz – Uxío (Jardel 89’).
Atlético B: (4-2-3-1) Conde - Solano, Sergi (Cristián Rodriguez 79’), Montoro, Tachi - Keidi, Juan Moreno – Olabe (Arona 64’), Salomón, Toni Moya (Cristián Perales 79’) - Manny
Goals: 1-0: (17’) Uxío, 2-0: (87’) Ismael Diaz, 3-0: (89’) Ismael Díaz
Referee: Alberto Fuente. He showed yellow card to Olabe (28’), Martín Bengoa (53’), Tachi (69’) & Keidi (86’)
Venue: Abegondo (900)





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